Halloween treats for the Halloween week

Halloween is less than a week away! Truly the last few days to savour the best time of the year. Sure we love all things spooky year-round, but the atmosphere is truly unique in the darkest days of October. It’s OUR time!

This year I’ve found myself particularly savouring the season, especially the more family-friendly parts in addition to the usual onslaught of horror films. My Halloween plans were to see Fabio Fritzi play music from the films of Lucio Fulci. That got kicked to 2023, so I’m seeing Suspiria at the Prince Charles Cinema. It’s fine. It’s what the devil intended!

But as I’ve enjoyed so many things this year, I thought I’d share my picks of things I’ve loved and will be watching as the last few days of this month pass us by.

Halloween horror pick: Halloween Party (1989) dir. by David Skowronski

Watch your usuals. Then watch this shot-on-video movie clearly made by a group of friends on a random October night.

Halloween novelty picks: “Trick or Treat” by Chuck Berry and “Midnight Monsters Hop” by Jack & Jim

Shout out to Halloween Ends for the latter.

Nonhorror TV pick: Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix)

It’s no secret that Unsolved Mysteries is one of my favourite shows. The original theme song is literally my ringtone. The new Netflix reboot is equally satisfying (though don’t watch it with your family, who will inevitably complain that the mysteries are unsolved).

The latest few episodes dive into the usual spread of themes: deaths, murders, aliens. But I think the storytelling has really improved over the original Netflix episodes from 2022. I personally loved “Something in the Sky”. As someone who is terrified of aliens while simultaneously believing that 99% of people make up seeing UFOs, this one really got to me.

Podcast pick: Sinisterhood Episode 192: The Fresno Nightcrawler

Everyone loves a cryptid, and the Fresno Nightcrawler is up there with the Mothman as far as fan favourites go. Sinisterhood is an excellent podcast hosted by comedians Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney. They’re a delight, and their discussion about the Nightcrawler is informative, cohesive and hilarious.

Audiobook pick: The Babysitter Lives by Stephen Graham Jones

I’ve read a number of Jones’ books over the last few years, but I have to say this one is my absolute favourite. In audiobook format only, the story is about a babysitter who takes a job babysitting on Halloween night and ends up dealing with more than she bargained for.

It certainly seems like you’re getting the traditional babysitter horror story until Jones takes everything in a whole different direction. It’s a bizarre horror fantasy story that will bend your mind.

Book-for-the-kiddos pick: The House in the Woods by Yvette Fielding

When a trio of friends play with an Ouija board at a haunted house, they soon realise the ghost has followed them home. This story by Ghosthunting With… host Yvette Fielding feels very much like a traditional romp full of some very satisfying scares. I think it will please any ghost-loving child years 10+.

Soundtrack pick: Occhiali Neri (Dario Argento’s Dark Glasses Original Sountrack) by Arnaud Rebotini

Dark Glasses wasn’t my favourite Argento film, but man, it had a killer soundtrack. Watching this on the big screen, the electronic music really could literally be felt. It helps build the suspense of the story so well. It’s easily one of my favourite new horror movie soundtracks of the year.


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