profAmerican of London is a blog that celebrates everything off-beat, weird, cult (though more Jim Henson than Jim Jones) and the stuff in between. Expect chats about horror films, deep thoughts about Meat Loaf and comic reviews.

Krista Culbertson is an American born and bred in the great cheese state of Wisconsin. She grew up learning the secret arts of binge drinking and polka dancing. She now lives with her husband in South London where they watch every episode of Orphan Black (twice) and struggle with the lack of space on the bookshelves.

She went to school for journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and obtained her Masters at the University of Westminster, but for a living she reads children’s books (seriously).

When not reading books with top-notch fart jokes, she dedicates a majority of her time lusting over Limahl’s hair, wishing she could own her very own mogwai and boogieing with a suitcase.

Fun bits:

Favourite movies: Profondo Rosso (1975), Phantom of the Paradise (1974), Pretty in Pink (1986), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Gremlins (1984)
Favourite tv shows: Mary Tyler Moore ShowTwin Peaks
If I was a music video I’d be “The Warrior” by Scandal


  1. I love this blog…I have it saved on my desktop at work so when i’m bored I can quick check out what you got on here!!! ❤ best sister in the world, BRIT!!!!!!

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