Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 10 “Second Coming”


Boy what a season.

It was a fairly inconsistent season of Ash vs Evil Dead. Trying to think back on the season’s ten episodes (just barely five hours) absolutely exhausts me. Remember the possessed car? The Pink Fuck? The asylum/dream bit? Oh and that awful Sheriff Emery? For such a relatively short show, the crew behind this show really packs everything it can into the suitcase, then tries to sit on it and hope it closes.

To say seasons two was big is understating things quite a bit.

But “Second Coming” was a fairly solid ending to a rather hectic season. The episode tirelessly tries to keep its viewer on its feet, and pretty much achieves just that. Though it did feel like there was a whole lot that was needed to fit into the small thirty-minute time slot (this was a longer episode than previous weeks), and I sort of wish the show took a breath while filling us in.

Last week left Ash alone in the cellar at the cabin with a student and a rather enlarged Mrs Knowby. Right before Ash attempts to shoot her, she tells him “No one escapes their destiny.” Then she, er, eats the student and finishes off her husband.

When Ash escapes from the pits of history, he comes face-to-face with a blonde Ruby. This is 80’s Ruby. 80’s Ruby is a total, immortal bitch who still has ideas of ruling with the Necronomicon in one hand and patting the heads of her babies with the other. Unfortunately, Ruby (the regular one) shows up with Kelly.

And it’s Ruby vs. Ruby while Ash gets sent off to deal with the Deadite in the cellar. The effects are a notably entertaining mix of CGI and practical. Mrs Knowby’s head gets all stretched and long like one fat deadite worm…neck beast. Oh and breast milk. Eeeergh.

Being mortal, Ruby tries to talk 80’s Ruby out of her Master Plan. After it slips that Ruby killed off her babies, 80’s Ruby is pretty unwilling to like her future self. Since she’s the sort of all-knowing scholar of the show, Ruby keeps insisting that 80’s Ruby can take a different path (sound familiar?), then she’s killed.

Yep. Present day Ruby bites the dust. So that makes the Ghost Beaters, what, 40% off?

As Kelly and Ash take their opportunity to run for the hills, Ash’s hand grows back – proving that the team have successfully changed the present. They open up the trunk and find Pablo whole again. The reunited team hop into the Delta, seemingly heading back home to sunnier days in Jacksonville.

Though – twist again – Pablo is Baal, which is one of the cruelest thing you can do to a fan base that has been mourning the loss of their favourite Honduran demon fighter. Kelly and Ash are attacked and dragged back to the cabin yet again – it’s always that damn cabin.

When Ash wakes up from being knocked out, he witness the book “giving birth” to Baal and Ruby’s children. If you’re a clever view, you’d have sensed that something wasn’t right in the previous episode when Pablo told Ash to go back in time. And well, that’s because Baal had attached himself to Pablo’s body during the original attempt to get rid of him. Going back in time allowed Baal to posses a body that would eventually become alive again… or something.

Then there’s a fairly lengthy bit of Ash asking Baal to a one-on-one fight using no demon powers. Of course Baal agrees to it, but bends the rules to his own will. Ash fends off Chet (and loses a hand), runs from Cheryl, then drowns Brock – who yet again attempts to tell Ash something important – in a bathtub.

Thanks to 80’s Ruby being a total self-serving demon, she changes the rules of the “battles of egos” herself. This works to Ash’s advantage, and he finally finished off Baal with his own weird overgrown nail.

The cabin begins to split in half, seemingly to open up to the pits of hell and eat up Baal and the cabin with it. Ash and Kelly get the fuck out and watch the final destruction of the cabin as it burns (incidentally, the original cabin in the first film burned down as well). From the ashes emerges a rather phoenix-like Pablo.

In the present day (I think, since the show skips over any scene of travelling), Ash is hailed as a hero of Elk Grove. Pablo and Kelly share a long hug. Linda beams on lovingly in a white outfit. It all feels too good to be true. And it most likely is. As 80’s Ruby turns on her heel and marches away out of the crowd, it’s pretty certain that season 3 isn’t going to be easy going for the Ghost Beaters. 80’s Ruby seems a whole lot angry than the present day option.

So that’s it for the Necronomicon, right? In a rare post-credits scene, an unseen girl grabs the book from the ashes. “Look what I found!” Oh big trouble is on the horizon for the team. Then again, with Ash in tow, when is it not?

The finale left me with notes filled with words in all caps, and plenty of ???? every other line. It moved so fast, and constantly changed direction at every opportunity. So where does Ash vs Evil Dead go from here?

Hopefully, it regroups and slides things back to a smaller scale. The best part of this show for me is the three core characters. I can do without Ruby (even though Lucy Lawless is a true queen). There’s magic that happens between Pablo, Kelly and Ash. Seeing them together and group-hugging-it-out just felt really right.

Ash vs Evil Dead spent ten episodes showing off what it can do: genre hopping, slapstick comedy, great acting and even better effects. But maybe, just maybe the show can tackle something a bit more manageable. It certainly wouldn’t bore me. At this point, there’s too much good stuff built into this franchise for it to be anything but entertaining.


Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 “Home Again”


Leave it up to Ash to really know how to make shit worse.

The last episode of Ash vs Evil Dead left us to try and cope with the death of the much-loved Pablo. Turns out Ash is coping as about as well as I did. He is spending most of his time spinning around in the Delta with Pablo’s duct taped corpse in the front seat.

While Kelly is upset, Ruby reminds her that at least Pablo made his short life count for something. Many of Ruby’s mantra’s seem to hit home for Kelly, which will be interesting to see where she plans to take that advice.

While Ash is in the Delta, he wishes he could go back in time. He then has a vision of Pablo’s corpse telling him that he should – to fix the biggest mistake ever made. Ash agrees that he needs to go back in time and grab the Necronomicon before young Ash can ever find it. Hopefully it’s one way to make sure that Pablo never dies.

Ash calls the two women into the Delta and forces Ruby to read out the spell still tattooed onto Pablo’s body. To force into his plan, Ash begins to drive recklessly. Despite knowing that this is probably yet another stupid idea, Ruby panics and agrees, and the three head back into time and into 1980’s Elk Grove.

The three remaining Ghost Beaters head to the cabin, where they are almost immediately split up by that “evil wind” that’s often prowling through the woods. Ash is a bit confused as the evil shouldn’t be released as he and his friends still have yet to return to the cabin.

Ash dodges the evil and heads straight into the cabin, though the cabin doesn’t seem to be in the same order as he remembers it. Namely, he can’t find the Necronomicon.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Kelly wander the woods alone. They can tell they’re being following. Unfortunately, it’s not Pablo. It is, of course, the evil trees. Thankfully it appears to be the non-raping variety, and more of the “I’m going to eat you kind.” But team power beats out evil trees and the two women remain safe… for now.

In the cabin, Ash does his best to make sure everything goes wrong. He steps on a nail that begins to infect his leg with some bad evil. Instead of sawing off his leg like he did his hand, Ash cuts open his leg and sucks out the “poison” – like a snake bite! The leg appears to be okay, but Ash accidentally swallows a bit of the green goop.

The scene of Ash fighting the demon in his own stomach is pretty great. It’s a slapstick scene purely written to show of Bruce Campbell’s great comedic timing. Thankfully he vomits up the little creature in his stomach, and flattens it with a frying pan.

Inevitably, Ash has to go into “the cellar.” There he finds the wife of Professor Knowby (you know, the idiot that brought the Necronomicon over) chain up in the basement. He doesn’t believe her when she says that it’s her husband that’s turned. Which is all good, until the professor arrives with one of his students. The poor girl steps into a bear trap and is caught.

While the professor tells his student that he hopes to posses her with the spirit in his wife, Ash unchains the woman. The wife immediately goes missing, which is bound to only be bad news.

Ash is forced to fight her off while the professor scampers away. And while he tries his best to finish her off, it’s pretty clear that Ash isn’t going to get out of this situation easily.

“Home Again” was easily one of the episodes more darker in tone (yes, including the slapstick scenes). Going back to the cabin is done in a careful way. While the whole time-travelling thing can be a bit over-done, it’s handled really well. Some how, it managed to bring out the best in the series. The over-the-top antics of the show is played to be that way.

Ash is certainly a flawed character, but when Kelly seems to be increasingly aware of it (thanks to Ruby’s mantras), it doesn’t seem like things going forward are going to go well. What these changes in the past will do remains to be seen, but I can only bet that it’s not going to be good.

Bonus for the Easter Egg in the episode. When Ash, Ruby and Kelly arrive in Elk Grove, one of the movie posters visible outside the cinema is for The Hills Have Eyes, a poster that can be seen in the original Evil Dead. This was Raimi’s nod to Craven using a ripped up poster of Jaws in his 1977 film.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8 “Ashy Slashy”


Okay. No. I am NOT happy.

It’s rare that a show like Ash vs Evil Dead goes and breaks my heart, but they did it. They absolutely went there.

Season two has been full of surprising deaths. Arguably, killing off Amanda Fisher was some shade of shocking, but she was a flat, colourless character in a world full of vibrant blood. I knew she never stood a chance. But losing Pablo? That’s a damn step too far.

The Ghost Beaters arrive at the asylum to rescue Ash. Pablo tries to garner some spirit with a team chant, but is ignored by the ladies. You have to give to the team player, he always has the best outlook on life, even when he knows that the book inside him is likely to kill him off.

As the team marches into the asylum, Sheriff Emery and Linda are begging Baal for Lacey back. The idiot pair did a deal with Baal, including having Linda lie to Ash to convince him to destroy the Necronomicon.

Of course when the Sheriff comes face-to-face with Lacey, she’s not daddy’s sweet little girl anymore, but a deadite. Kelly arrives to eliminate the threat, but she’s warded off by the sheriff. It almost makes you feel sorry for the poor bastard (almost) when he gets killed off by his own daughter, who in turn is killed off by Kelly.

Kelly, who seems to have stolen this entire episode, says her good-byes to Lacey. The show seems to have remembered that Kelly has been through some traumatic business with the deaths of her parents. It was nice to see her act so human throughout the episode. But it was even better fending off the hand puppet Ashy Slashy. Massive props to Dana DeLorenzo, who made fighting off a puppet extremely convincing.

When Kelly and Linda run into each other, Kelly lies to Linda and tells her that while her idiot husband is definitely dead, Lacey is still somewhere. She vows to help Linda find her daughter after Baal is taken care of. But Linda eventually sees through Kelly’s lies, and the girl is forced into telling the truth. They each take their turns giving speeches, and it really turns out as a fine moment for female characters in the show.

And remember, you can sink lower or ignite the fire.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Pablo are trying to hide away from Ash, who seems to be under Baal’s control. Ruby reminds Pablo that he is going to die after the spell that will rid the world of Baal. The increasingly human-like Ruby has an almost touching moment with Pablo when he tells her that he still has a lot of his life to live. And in one of the most shining Pablo moments tells her about the food stand/electronics repair show called Pablito’s Fish and Chips.

In a rather bleak political climate, I massively needed that dream to hold onto.

Eventually the gang are all back together again in one room. Ash has grabbed Pablo, and has dangled him above the ground like a pinata (well, Ash would appreciate the joke). Baal seems rather pleased with the work he has done and orders Ash to get rid of the book all together. But of course Ash isn’t really under anyone’s control. You sort of need a brain to do that.

The group all band together to rid the world of Baal. Pablo uses the magic within him to pop Baal like a black-sludgy bubble. Though, with one swift jerk of the nail, Pablo is sliced in half, and so are all of my dreams.

So is it likely that Pablo is really dead for good? I doubt it. Especially with all this “merging with the Necronomicon” business. Plus with Baal gone, there doesn’t see be any point to the last two episodes otherwise. Unless it’s just an hours of slideshows of pictures of Pablo to “In the Arms of an Angel.”

“Ashy Slashy” has certainly continued the strong second-half to the season. It will just take me a bit of time to get over this tragedy. And I’m still not even over Chet or Brock yet… which by the way, what was Brock trying to tell Ash before he died? Hmmm. Perhaps we’ll find out next week in the second season’s penultimate episode.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 7 “Delusion”


Well, that was… different.

Ash vs Evil Dead went super-weird with an American Horror Story-style “twist” that still has me scratching my head.

Ash was knocked out at the end of last week’s episode and wakes up in a rather dingy-looking asylum. When he comes to, he’s in the room with a doctor (Joel Tobeck) who just happens to look like Baal and just happens to want Ash to “destroy” his illusions – namely the Necronomicon.

And Ash takes this pretty well. When the doctor tells him that they’ve been working together since Ash’s psychotic break when he killed all of his friends and sister in a cabin. The doctor keeps insisting that Ash has invented the entire narrative, but the Jefe merely brushes it off.

That brings us to Ashy Slashy, the filthy-mouthed hand puppet that Ash spends much of the episode talking to. Along the way Ash spots the rest of the Ghost Beaters. Ruby is a nurse, who seems to be a lot more aware of what’s going on than everyone else. Kelly is a patient hell bent on counting on those fingers. And Pablo is a worker.

We even get to see Chet again as he makes an appearance during Ash’s electrotherapy, during which the “doctor” leaves not-so-subtle subliminal messages like “you’re no the Jefe” and “be my henchman”.

Occasionally the faces of his familiars change into unknown ones. It could be Ash’s reality coming through or the delusions setting in, but Ash thinks he can break Ball and befriends “Kelly”. The two destroy the common room, and Ash manages to steal a key card.

While the two are roaming the halls, they come across Pablo, who is killed off by Kelly. The two get into an argument when Kelly explains she killed “Pablo” because he was a dragon demon – perhaps another hole in Baal’s illusion. But as Ash attempts to use the card on the exit gate, the alarm goes off. When he turns around, he sees Kelly (or whoever she is) dead on the ground with her jaw missing.

Ashy Slashy tells Ash that he’s the murderer. Seemingly resigned, Ash sits in front of the television where he is forced to watch himself kill Pablo and Kelly over and over again.

When Ash finally tells Baal he’s willing to destroy the Necronomicon for him, Baal allows him to have one visitor. Linda appears and despite Ash trying to wish her away, is still there when he opens his eyes. She tells him that she’s been visiting him for the last thirty years.

Ash says his good-byes and prepares to set off to the new facility. He admits to the murders of his friends, but not before spying Pablo, Ruby and Kelly digging through the trunk of the Delta.

So is Ash that dumb? Did he really succumb to Baal’s powers? Probably not, but Baal is a pretty damn powerful demon. “Delusion” was certainly a curve ball in the season – a season that is finally picking up on the greatness that was season one. Season two is quickly coming to it’s end, I think it’s just getting to the high notes.

And it really needs to be said that the music was completely on point this week. Great job, LoDuca.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 6 “Trapped Inside”


Let’s get straight to the point on this one: episode six of Ash vs Evil Dead was a return to form and easily the strongest episode and my favourite of the season thus far.

“Trapped Inside” got many things right, but most of all, it built up the plot from the show, it took the time to dig into the story we were left with from the original trilogy. But more on that in a bit.

The opening of the episode shows the team trying to get Pablo to Brock’s house before he, I dunno, dies. He’s quiet worse for wear since the Necronomicon is “converging” with Pablo’s body. Ruby tells the gang that it will be likely that when the book is finished “converging” with Pablo, Pablo will probably be kaput.

Ash’s idea to save the Pabs is by feeding a pet tracker to Baal then shoving his chainsaw up Baal’s ass. Ruby’s idea is a bit more realistic (in the demon sense). She wants to speed up the process going on in Pablo’s body in order to find the spell that will banish Baal back to wherever the hell he came from.

While everyone in the Williams house is trying to regroup, Sheriff Emery and a crowd of angry townsfolk appear outside ready to end Ash. The sheriff is under Baal’s control, who is trying to sway him with memories of prostitutes and the glory of a dead nemesis. Though the sheriff tries to tall Baal that he “just wants his family back,” but the demon does his best to confuse the poor man’s mind.

Baal is clearly the winner as the sheriff leads the angry mob. Kelly takes things into her own hands the way any mere mortal can: by open firing at a crowd of civilians (and not killing any, just to be clear). With Kelly and Linda on crowd control down stairs, things get really freaky upstairs.

Ruby, Pablo and Lacey get to work on accelerating the converging. Since last season, the pendant the Pablo’s brujo uncle gave him has been protecting the boy’s soul, and it’s the one thing that is slowing down the process. Once Ruby unchains the necklace, Pablo’s skin becomes tattooed with the symbol for the spell that the group need.

Granted, Pablo definitely looks worse for wear after this. But with a pep-talk from fellow Ghostbeater Kelly, the young man seems reassured to continue on. Just please, please, please please please please don’t kill Pablo. Like Ash, I don’t think I could carry on without him.

Things do look a bit bleak for poor Ruby. When the spell hits Pablo, the ladies in the room are shot back and Ruby is injured. Kelly demands that Ruby heal herself, but the woman replies that she can’t – her children stole her immortality.

But the greatest storyline of this episode all has to do with Cheryl, Ash’s younger sister who he had to kill after becoming a deadite decades ago. While Pablo is getting worked on by Ruby, the evil finds Ash in his house. But first Ash finds Chet.

After hearing a window smash upstairs, Ash finds Chet in Cheryl’s room, standing in front of a outfit of hers he has laid out on the bed. If Chet wasn’t played by Ted Raimi, I’d be certain this man’s suspicious behaviour would make him a good candidate for a baddie.

Unbeknownst to Ash, while he pulls his friend out of the room and lectures him, Cheryl’s photograph begins to bleed. As pictures do. While the two friends talk, Cheryl (excitingly still played by Ellen Sandweiss – bonus points for getting the original actress) emerges from her room. You’d be a fool to think this spells a happy ending for the brother and sister.

Cheryl shows her deadite form and grabs onto Chet, pulling him back into her bedroom. And more bonus points, Cheryl begins to attack him to Romeo Void, which really, this scene couldn’t have been done better.

Ash rescues his friend and tells Cheryl to piss off. To which his sister replies, “I’ll make like a tree and fuck you.” And really? That line alone is self-explanatory for how great it is. A line that works for both film fans in on the joke, and a line to use in your every day life!

Brother and sister face off in a game of chase throughout their childhood home. Cheryl gets the upper hand when she *spoiler alert* literally rips Chet’s heart out from his chest.

Officially pissed off, Ash shoots his sister out of the house and he faces the angry mob outside. This, though, the perfect opportunity to get everyone on his side. Every time his deadite sister gets up, he shoots her back down again. Ash expertly takes down his sister yet again using some clever tricks involving the trunk of a car, but Ash doesn’t come out on top at the end of the episode.

Baal is here to get Ash, and things are looking plenty bleak.

I’ll say it again, “Trapped Inside” worked. While the cast of characters still remained quiet large for a 30-minute episode, the different plotlines were focused very well and every story had its payoff. Having Sandweiss back was just extra excellent.

More of this, please.


Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5 “Confinement”


It’s Halloween! And Ash vs Evil Dead brings it all back to a classic set up: an episode in only one location. Plus the introduction of a seriously gross baddie.

“Confinement” brings us back to the bar that Ash and his party have totally wrecked. A poor doomed police officer heads into the abandoned place alone. She heads into the toilets where she hears a noise. She discovers a headless corpse tipped over the toilet and immediately calls for backup. But she’s just a little too late and immediately becomes Baal’s victim.

His “attack” is exactly how Ruby described it, completely alluring. He seduces the girl and proceeds to skin her.

“I’m not don’t with you yet,” he tells the flesh.

Ash is elsewhere, absolutely pleased as can be that he has won again. He’s singing and strutting the street only to be arrested for murder by Sheriff Emery and brought into a holding cell. There he’s reunited with Chet and the prostitute Chet was caught trying to pick up.

The cop from earlier (Ball in sheep’s clothing) lets Ash out of his cell to make his one phone call. The officer walks off while Ash picks up the phone. The line is dead, but after he hangs up he gets a call instead. This tips Ash off to demons-ville and he heads into the waiting room where the Ghost Beaters plus Ruby wait with the sheriff and his family.

When Emery gets a bit agitated by Ash, Ruby kicks the sheriff’s ass and the lady gets his gun. When he doesn’t shut up, she shoots him in the leg. So that makes things official: Ruby is a motherfucking badass.

With the demon-wielder (or whatever she is), everyone is rounded up into the same room. Ash finally tells everyone that demons exists. It goes down great!

Only it doesn’t. It takes for Emery’s daughter Lacey to insist that demons are real for her mother and father to take it semi-seriously (kind of). But with everyone in the room, Ruby tells everyone that Baal likes to take the skin of others and pretend to be them, hence the skin that Ash finds.

Ruby also tells the group that Baal likes to watch people turn against each other. With that, Ruby heads downstairs to the evidence room to get the Kandarian dagger. There she finds another cop who gets locked in the room with her.

The cop is, of course, Baal yet again. The demon sheds his second skin and starts to bang Ruby about. He’s a bit peeved that his baby mama betrayed him. He think it’s even worse that she has become mortal.

Meanwhile, Pablo is upset about a rather unfortunate rash that has started to form on his stomach, He’s convinced that he is possessed by Ball, which is weird because the boy would probably remember if he had been skinned.

Since everyone is still guessing who Baal is (unaware that Ruby has been trying to fight him off downstairs). The sheriff clearly seems to be losing is, or at least is partially controlled by a demon. He becomes erratic towards his family, and particularly aggressive towards Ash. Ash pins the idiot to the table, but their argument is interrupted by an attack from a skinless body.

While everyone is distracted by the commotion, Linda is grabbed and dragged into a cell. Ash falls for the bait and is attacked yet again. Though Queen Ruby is there to save the day and shoots the demon in front of the crew.

Back in the waiting room, Pablo isn’t looking so hot. The poor boy begins to throw up. And even worse – he’s covered in Sumerian. Everyone looks freaked. Everyone but Ruby, that is, who actually looks quiet relieved. And what the hell does that mean? Hopefully we and the Ghost Beaters find out next week.

“Confinement” certainly felt a bit more focused after last week’s “DUI.” It’s a fun whodunit filled with a bunch of idiots! The single setting really helped to narrow things in on the plot this time, and thus the story carried along much nicer.

The pace has hardly let up all season, and it would be quite nice to have things take a breather. Last season was speckled with them, and it was never boring. Like last week, things have really felt a bit too crowded. The true stars of the show really shine, it’s hardly necessary for anything else.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 4 “DUI”


Last week’s episode of Ash vs Evil Dead ended with a bit of a stunner – the death of Ash’s father Brock. There was an open-endedness to what Brock was trying to tell Ash right before his death, but somehow Ash seems to have quickly forgotten that. Guess he’s not into mysteries, and more into catchphrases; “Think of life as a good time, not a long time.”

There isn’t much time for mourning either. The race is still on to get the Necronimicon back from the Delta before Ruby’s “children” can get a hold of it to raise ol’ pops.

Poor Pablo is immediately gets roped into the Delta with Lacey (a couple I can root for – though is it too soon since the tragic car-murder of her bland boyfriend?). The Delta speeds off into the night, leaving Ash in its wake. Some nice Tracey-Pablo moments. It works.

Who else to go to but to Chet and his awful car? Ash, seemingly fully recovered from all the Pink Fuck he drank, takes control of the driving. Chet, being brilliantly dim, is curious about Ash’s chainsaw and shotgun (one for ice sculptures, the other for keeping people away from them until they pay) and pleasantly goes along with Ash’s explanations until the two friends are attacked by the Delta. Ash finally gives a 10-second overview about Baal and the demons, which Chet easily accepts.

You go Chet.

Both Chet and Ash know where to go: the Smash ‘Em Up Derby.

The Kelly-Ruby power couple actually ends up a lot more positively than expected. The two go back to the crematorium to take down Ruby’s “children” before the little demons can raise their father. While initially Kelly gets grabbed by one of the eyeless-demons, she ends up being able to show off some funky moves. It’s pretty cool to see a lady-team taking care of business. Even if it’s a pointless victory, thanks to the men in their lives.

I would like to ask for a bit more for personality for poor Ruby, please. There are glimmers of it as she tells Kelly about how awful Baal is, how he manipulates people and she feels powerless to it. It’s the bad relationship that pretty much everyone can relate to.

Meanwhile at the derby, Ash is busy bull fighting with his car. Still in the Delta, Pablo is still feeling the hold the Necronomicon has over him after last season when he had to wear the jacket of the book as a face mask. The book tells him that all he needs to do is put the book in the trunk of the Delta to let the book go back to its own realm.

This is obviously a horrible idea, but once Pablo is ejected from the car, he is fairly taken with the idea. With only Ash and Pablo around and no one there to pull the reigns on them, the two agree it’s a fabulous idea to listen to what the demon book tells them. When Pablo hesitates,  Ash simply asks Pablo, “could it get any worse?” Which of course it can. Please.

Disappointingly, “DUI” ends on a lame jump scare. Nothing says lazy writing like another unimaginative jump scare. I guess we’re supposed to know that Baal has been released, but why such an unexciting reveal?

“DUI” was definitely the weakest episode of the season thus far. It didn’t really add to any of the plotlines while mostly filling the time with constant action.  There was, of course, plenty of fun in the episode, but it sometimes goes a bit too far. And what’s the point when the viewer will have problems focusing on what exactly is happening?

While Ash vs Evil Dead is all about that slapstick and ridiculous scenes of gore, there’s more too it than that. This show has such a great cast of characters, and the actors have done really well with them, particularly Ray Santiago as Pablo. He has be on point all season, with whatever has been thrown at him.