Bobby Farrell

Get up offa that thing

Oh blissful weekend! Time to get out of that business and into the leisure suit. The clubs will open in a few hours and you know you suck at dancing. To get the weekend off on the right foot (because you need to learn fast), here are a selection of Daddy Cools that can give you inspiration.

Forget what everyone says about Michael Jackson, no one can move like James Brown. Every performance by Brown is electric. He’s the man most likely to get your body to lose control. Thankfully this gem of him showing off some of his favorite dance moves exists. Praise the Lord for the internet.

Frank Farian did a lot of cruel things to music (let us never forget Milli Vanilli), but thankfully he gave birth to Boney M. The lovely ladies of this disco group are fabulous, but it’s almost impossible not to watch ex-exotic dancer Bobby Farrell spin and kick. He might not have contributed any vocals, but who cares when you move like that? Careful, Boney M. are incredibly addicting. You might be stuck in all night watching old videos instead of going out.

Of course nothing can live up to the magic of the Soul Train. Get a gang of friends together, find a lucky partner, and get your own dance party going. See also: “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-lite. A staple at my dance parties in college.

If those moves prove to be too vigorous, I suggest the tantalizing moves shown by Four Tops. The “sunshine daisy bop” at 1:31 is not to be missed and probably a standard for any groovy club you could get access to for £10.