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Simple brilliance of surf Munsters


To a procrastinator’s delight, both seasons of The Munsters are on Netflix. Those delightful 70 episodes do go by quickly, but they are the perfect distraction while applying endlessly to jobs (someone hire me, please). The comedy is bright and a really clever twist on the working-class American family. The characters are unforgettable and pretty well developed for its time.

Although shortly-lived, viewers are graced with what is possibly one of the best theme tunes ever. It might be a bit strange to chat about “favourite theme songs to television shows.” But this is genuinely a great one worth listening to even when not catching the mishaps of the Munster family.

Unlike some shows, the theme for The Munsters isn’t obnoxious in a way that makes the brain scream in agony. It has a Duane Eddy vibe, which is perfect match for a 1960s horror-comedy. Pair that guitar line with the psychedelic organ and it’s a match made (rock and horror have always made the best combinations). I have listened to it about 20 times over the course of writing this post and only wish it was a bit longer. The Addams Family tune is probably more recognizable, but I quite like the simple playfulness in those 45 seconds.

Plus it’s a theme that you can twist to. Always a bonus.