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MST3K guys back on Comedy Central (at least for tonight)

On June 9th something truly great is going to happen. Something that could win the Internet. Lo and behold, the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be back on Comedy Central for the first time in almost two decades.

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax (and formerly MST3K) take a trip back to their old station where they will be joining Chris Hardwick on the popular show @midnight. For those not familiar with the Emmy-nominated show, @midnight is an improv comedy/game panel show that take part in various games inspired by the internet. Hardwick, co-host of the popular Nerdist Podcast, will be pitting the guys against each other in a #HashtagWars to end all wars.

MST3K was on Comedy Central from 1989-1996 before moving to Sci Fi (SyFy). Seeing them back promises to be worth watching. Catch the episode of @midnight with the RiffTrax at 12A/11C.

And after they’ve paid their visit, this means we can get the crew back on Comedy Central again. Right? Please? Until that fateful day, keep up with Mike, Kevin and Bill on their RiffTrax website. They frequently release new films that they’ve riffed, and yes they’re still the best.

I recommend their latest b-movie riff, Rock n Roll Nightmare, highly because “like Spinal Tap recording The Basement Tapes on the set of Labyrinth if it was written by Otto from The Simpsons, Rock n Roll Nightmare is some serious 80s cheese.” And who doesn’t want that? If you don’t that watch To Catch a Yeti because why not enjoy Meatloaf acting with a puppet?

PS: I say this every time and I will say it again: can we please get these guys in the UK?