Just can’t get enough Pt. 6

There comes a time where there are unexplainable obsessions. This week it has been ‘Groove is in the Heart’ by Deee-lite. I often refer to it as “my jam.” As a piece that always dragged me out of my bedroom during house parties during my undergrad. But sometimes the obsession leads to a more ‘cultured’ ending. The songs Miss Lady Kier and co sampled are unbelievably amazing. The highlight would have to be ‘Get Up’ by Vernon Burch (where the slide solo is sampled from).

That’s how our music taste grows: undying interest and obsession. But now I have a slew of new songs and musicians to get interested in. Now I fall even deeper into the funk/R&B music rabbit hole.

Also, I have been quite ill as of late. The blog is falling off the face of the Earth, but don’t worry – I’m alive. If only barely.