Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 6 “The Killer of Killers”


“The Killer of Killers” brings Ash vs Evil Dead straight back to some gruesome, brutal and fucking FUN roots. This was by far one of the strongest episodes of the season thus far. It brought along the plot and gave Ash fans some of the stuff that brought them here to begin with.

Amanda and Ruby arrive in the aftermath of last episode’s exorcism. El Brujo’s body has been burned, along with his spells. This, of course, only add fuel to the fire for Amanda and Ruby’s suspicions of Ash being King of the Deadites. Though, while the two scope out the Brujo’s house, they neglect to notice that his mostly-burned body has come back in Deadite form to, well, literally blow up Ruby in a rather-explosive (sorry) intro to the episode.

Amanda quickly hops into Ruby’s Dodge Challenger to take on Ash and the gang herself. Though Ash’s hand has run away from her, she still tracks the gang down at a restaurant called the Western Moose.

Over pancakes, Ash tells Pablo and Kelly that he knows he needs to head back to where it all began: the cabin. But he decides that he doesn’t want to bring his two side-kicks with him, which we all know is a bunch of crap. They make their protests, saying that they’re well-aware of the dangers. And Pablo gives his typical charming response, “If I was a Deadite, I would be honoured to have you chop my head off.”

But while they finish their meal, they’re interrupted by an acquaintance named Lem. He’s a part of some militia who’ve stock piled several “toys.” Considering the road ahead for Ash, this instantly perks his interest and expresses his interest in taking a peek at what Lem has to offer.

The entire time they are all being watched by Amanda, who has phoned her former boss at the state police to tell him that she finally has a location on Ash. While she gets reprimanded for working when she’s not allowed to be on duty, he agrees to meet her at the Western Moose.

Also, poor Pablo. He attempts to talk to Kelly about her coming on to him when she was possessed, but he still keeps getting pushed aside. Thankfully Evil interrupts while the two are having their heart-to-heart. The necklace that Pablo got from his uncle seems to be a particular trinket that the Necronomicon doesn’t particularly like. He and Kelly has to pile weight on top of the trunk containing the book just to stop it from attacking.

Things, though, have only gotten worse for Ash as he can’t afford the pancakes he offered to buy. He dismisses the youngsters and tries to hit on Nancy the waitress, who obviously isn’t buying anything he’s selling. But he tells her to wait for him in the men’s toilets. While he’s there, it’s not Nancy that arrives but Amanda, who arrests the man. While trying to lead him out of the restaurant, it seems that Evil has a different plan for the day.

Amanda’s boss enters the restaurant to take over from Amanda, but Evil bursts through the window, immediately killing several people in the building in several imaginative (and totally gross) ways. And finally, finally there are Deadites back front and centre in this show. The scene with the gang fighting Deadites in Western Moose is by far one of the most cringe-worthy (in a good way) and utterly fun scenes that has been in the show for a while now. Kelly has a particularly great scene with some excellent one-liners (“Thin slices: just how I like it!”).

As Ash, Kelly and Pablo leave the Western Moose, it only feels right that Amanda joins them. She’s finally a convert to team Ash and I really hope that this means that her character will be a lot more interesting from now on. I really am glad that these plot-lines are coming together finally.

So is Ruby done for? (Doubt it). Will Pablo and Kelly ever continue their super-awkward conversations of love? What the hell is going on with Pablo’s new necklace? And what lies ahead in the future for our crew? God, who knows, but “The Killer of Killers” certainly got me excited to find out.

Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 5 “The Host”


“Shoot first. Think never.”

Half-way through the season, and I finally can sum up this show in two words: shotgun bong. Only in the realm of Ash vs Evil Dead can this be perfectly right. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Last week, Ash was tripping on some fancy potion juice. He attacked Demon Kelly as she choked him in his stupor. Being the clever demon that it is, Kelly points the finger at Ash, who wakes up to find himself tied up in the Brujo’s garage.

The Brujo sets to work to exorcise the demon from Ash while Pablo and Kelly head back to the trailer. Pablo is too busy grumbling to notice how weird Kelly is acting. “I feel like I’m the sous chef of his exorcism kitchen,” he mutters. It’s here that Pablo eventually sees Kelly with the incredible shotgun bong. Demon Kelly tries coming on to the boy, but thankfully he’s too naive to fall for much of anything.

But this demon doesn’t take rejection lightly, and thus Pablo finally gets to see the dark side of Kelly. Thankfully she’s a pretty easy demon to wrangle and she’s tied up in no time in the Brujo’s garage in Ashs’s place. The exorcism scene here is pretty incredible. It’s super gross (of course) and includes plenty of laughs (as always). Dana DeLorenzo does a great job at being really difficult to look at, the special effects are also pretty good (minus some really questionable CGI vomit).

There are several reasons this exorcism is good:

  1. Regular Kelly is back. FINALLY. Her sarcastic humour and negativity is always appreciated.
  2. Ash finally is starting to get some of his mojo back.
  3. Pablo is ready to kick some Evil ass.

The characters are both going on a literal and figurative journey here. In five episodes, that’s quite a bit of character development. The writers have packed a lot in to keep the main three moving and interesting. While Demon Kelly wasn’t my favourite part of the show, it did open up a way for the characters to, as my dad would say, grow some hair on their chests.

By the time Ted Nugent begins playing, there’s a pretty good feeling that the group is ready to move forward feeling just a little bit more determined and prepared. I’m really quite looking forward to what’s next for the Ghost Beaters. This sub-plot of possession was okay, but I’m dead ready for some old-fashioned Deadites.

So what about Amanda and Ruby? Yes, they’re still in this. They had a pretty brief amount of face time this week. This plot-line is surprisingly super, super dull. I really hope that there’s some sort of pay-off in the end for dealing with these spots of boredom. Lucy Lawless single-handedly carries every scene she is in with Jill Marie Jones. And I really want to like her, but so far Jones’s acting has been pretty ‘meh’ as of late. Hopefully things pick up for these two because their story could be so great.

Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 4 “Brujo”


All puns intended, this was one trippy episode. “Brujo” was pretty mystical part in the storyline and really started to show the challenges for the Ghost Beaters the lay ahead. In the previous episode, Amanda was left to deal with the deadite bookshop owner while Ash and his gang headed off in search of Pablo’s Brujo uncle.

Poor Amanda. Really. She’s hands-down the most boring character in the show, but I keep praying they give her character more of a personality in the future. Anyway, this girl has gone through a lot. The death of her partner, being harassed by Ash and attacked by plenty of demons. Death by Deadite doesn’t sound fun, but thankfully Lucy Lawless Ruby is there to save the day because she’s seriously the most bad-ass person ever.

Back with the Ghost Beaters, Kelly is sick which can only mean possession by demon. She’s struggling to keep herself together which is only made more difficult once the Delta is under attack by the pure evil, dark forces that were kicking their asses at Value Stop. The Delta seems on its last legs, but thankfully Pablo’s uncle’s place is only around the corner. The man is so well-defended that the evil stops dead in its tracks.

The “Brujo” in question is not pleased to see his nephew, as he believes that Pablo was acting weak by abandoning his culture and family to “find himself.” But he agrees to help Ash anyway as he believes that the nut-case is an actual Jefe. He sends Pablo away to help Kelly while he and Ash get down to business.

But there’s probably more than just evil on their tracks. Ruby and Amanda are still in the bookstore getting to know each other a little more. Ruby tells Amanda that they are both after the same man – Ash. According to Ruby, Ash let the evil loose one night at her parents’ cabin. The spirits then went on to kill her entire family. Since that was not how the original trilogy went, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future once Ruby and Ash finally get to meet each other. Buying Ruby’s story, Amanda agrees to join her in the quest for Ash. Ruby turns down Amanda’s offer of police help because she has something much better: Ashs’s dead hand, which is now alive and looking for its owner.

Pablo decides to make a different hand for Ash after his own wooden one was left back in the bookshop. While he’s busy playing with his gadget, he misses Kelly’s increasingly odd behaviour. She goes into the other room of the trailer where she looks at her reflection. But in the mirror isn’t the sullen girl, but the demon they thought they had banished in the shop.

Ash and the Brujo get to work talking about what Ash’s destiny may be. The Brujo has as much faith in Ash as Pablo does. It’s actually a bit sad to see that Ash still has no real faith in himself, despite is cocky nature. According to the Brujo, it will take Ashs’s understanding of his own power to win. His own lack of self-awareness is what will let him down. Ash takes the potion handed to him and readies himself for the trip ahead.

And what a strange trip it is. He sees Felix the Cat, his dead girlfriend Linda and… Jacksonville, Florida? The Burjo tells Ash that his answer will lay somewhere in that city. Even Eli the breaded dragon makes an appearance to help urge Ash on in his quest.

But while Ash is trying to search for himself, he’s completely unaware of what is going on in the real world. While trying to “help” Pablo, possessed Kelly electrocutes the boy. She runs to the Brujo for help. While the witch doctor goes to help his nephew, Kelly/demon begins to possess Ash’s mind. He ultimately begins to control his mind by choking the demon in his trip. But in the real world, he’s choking Kelly.

The episode ends with Ash getting knocked out by Pablo. It’s clear that Kelly is still possessed. It’s strange that no one really seems to have considered this yet, but I hope this isn’t something that lasts all season. Kelly is a great character that shouldn’t be pushed to the side with a demon sub-plot. That being said, evil Kelly is pretty awesome.

“Brujo” was another strong episode in the season. I’m hoping that bits of the story will start connecting soon, though. And I’m really looking forward to what Amanda and Kelly’s relationship will be like. Hopefully it will bring some life into the fairly-dead Amanda storyline.

Now I don’t mean to be one of “those” people, but I think the balance of power, strength, intelligence and humour is fantastic. Each character has their own strength without relying heavily on boring cliched tropes. In many ways, I think it could have been really easy for the writers to sit back on the same, but a lot of these characters (especially Pablo) are so well-written and interesting that I’m completely invested in them. There’s really no better group of people to watch trying to defeat evil.

Ash vs Evil Dead ep. 3 the Ghost Beaters in “Books From Beyond”


Well, that was quick.

The third episode of Ash vs Evil Dead was really over quickly. Just a brief 30 minutes is clearly not enough time to spend with Ash and the gang. Sure it’s one thing to fulfill all the fun and action viewers want, but it’s clearly a bit restraining for this show to be squeezed into a time slot so small.

From a show that absolutely nailed it straight off the bat, “Books From Beyond” was clearly a weaker episode. It was all too brief and it was obvious that this was a baby in the hands of new a new writer and director. This is how I feel about Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s fourth season: strange choices and never really quite hitting the mark with characters. We only see Kelly’s parents sporadically, but there was enough to care about them and what happened to them. Most of that was probably due to some fantastic acting, but I also don’t think the writing was as strong for character building.

Speaking of characters, viewers finally got to see some of Lucy Lawless’s character Ruby. She’s still pretty shrouded in mystery, but when she arrives at Kelly’s parent’s house, it’s clear that she knows what’s going on and she’s a lot more frightening than I thought she would be. If she can make Deadites scream, it’s probably best to hide under your bed when she comes around. One thing I know is that I cannot wait to see her and Ash together in a scene. Bruce Campbell and Lawless go bad to their Hercules/Xena days so it will be great to see some of that chemistry.

Back in the world of Ash, he and his two side-kicks arrive at the book store where Ash believes he can get some answers about the Necronomicon. Pablo is clearly psyched to be a part of a team and suggests that the trio go by the name “The Ghost Beaters” which Kelly and Ash both find unpalatable and rightly so… but I do hope this name sticks. This is inevitably going to go wrong as soon as he steps through the door and Amanda sees him.

The cop decides to take Ash down by herself, but not before Pablo and all his goodness decides to knock her out with a bone. With Amanda handcuffed and out of the way, the boys, along with a forgettable book shop owner, decide it’s time to get business settled with the evil. The owner has some information to share with them (and the audience) about how the book works. The book itself is not inherently evil, but instead works as a portal to evil. Ash’s brilliant idea is to summon one of the weaker demons to try and get some answers out of it.

The demo that is summoned doesn’t look anything like an Evil Dead creature. It sort of looks like if Guillermo del Toro made a movie in 3D, forgot to give people 3D glasses, then had it mate with a Predator. It was a really cool design, but just not very with the feel of the franchise. Plus I’m really not interested in the introduction of more demons when it’s clear that the Ghost Beaters already have enough on their plates.

While the boys are getting down to business, Kelly and Amanda have a chat. It’s really cool to see Kelly’s full belief in Ash even after everything she’s been through. This undying faith might not last long, but seeing genuine comradery in a show is really great. Kelly really is the star of this episode as she’s also the one to save the idiots from the demo they’ve raised. She hits the demo with the book after shouting “Go back to hell.” That seems to do the trick. And if that’s all it really takes, hopefully this evil business will be wrapped up pretty quickly and we can watch our characters go for a couple of beers instead.

Everything said, I still loved this weeks show. I crave this series week after week. And while “Books From Beyond” didn’t reach the magic of the first two episodes for me, I thought it was still intriguing and engaging. By giving viewers different relationships to study with some unusual settings, I think Ash vs Evil Dead is moving on at a fantastic pace. I really, really can’t wait for more.

Ash vs Evil Dead episode 102 “Bait”*

*now with two times the gore

Last week’s premier of Ash vs Evil Dead established an excellent premise, and last night’s episode “Bait” put those characters into action.

Ash and his co-workers Pablo and Kelly are still in Ash’s trailer in the aftermath of some series Deadite killing. After being subjected to some seriously terrifying scenes, Kelly insists on going to see if her father is alright. In “El Jefe,” Kelly’s dad was supposedly seen his wife, who had been dead for six-months. Their daughter heads out to their home to find them, leaving Ash and Pablo behind.

Ash, who would rather get the Necronomicon translated than chase after more Deadites, reluctantly agrees to follow Kelly when Pablo tells him that she’s run off with the book. Ash and Pablo (who are officially the two with the best chemistry in the entire show) hitch up the trailer to the Delta and head off to get Kelly. Along the way, the two are attacked by their former Value Stop boss who is now a Deadite. The two friends attempt to fend of their boss in what is in an incredibly hilarious scenes.

After arriving at Kelly’s parent’s house in a rather bloody state, they find that Kelly and her parents are perfectly fine. Her mother, who is totally (seemingly) fine for someone who was dead for six months, claims that she had amnesia and was in a homeless shelter for the past number of weeks. Kelly seems utterly sold on the story and so does her father. Ash, who is now the weary hero, is less easily convinced. But he and Pablo accept a dinner invitation extended by the family, and Pablo utters those words to guarantee that everything will go wrong:

“Everything is okay and we get a free dinner.”

The show begins to play with your mind as you watch the family sit down to eat. Just how much can you trust Ash’s judgement on all things evil and dead? Everyone else in the room seems convinced, but Ash isn’t fooled. He punches her in the face to reveal her Deadite form. Now Mimi Rogers (who plays Kelly’s mom) gives a really great performance. She managed to be normal, just a bit weird and then threw her performance into being something to be seriously afraid of.

One thing that “Bait” manages to do is establish Pablo, Ash and Kelly as one united group. The two kids have no other choice but to follow this man into the unknown. Awaiting them at the bookstore will be former State policewoman, Amanda. She’s following up on Ash’s trail rightly thinking that he is the man to blame for all the deaths going on in the area. Her strong sense of calm and determination will prove to be an interesting wrench to throw into the trio group’s mix.

Next week’s episode will show a bit more of Lucy Lawless’s character, who was only on screen briefly in a scene during the premiere. Episode three looks to bring a lot more of these story lines together. Unfortunately for Amanda, things don’t look to be getting any easier for her if the preview was anything to go by. But hopefully there’s plenty of what was in these two episodes (just lots of blood, please).

For two episodes in a row, the mood of the show has been set with some music that has been utterly spot on. While the music often used references Ash’s heyday in many forms, the best of these has to be each time the show embraces its Michigan roots. Any excuse to hear Detroit’s finest in anything will be alright by me.

I’m already finding that Ash vs Evil Dead is just as quotable as the trilogy that preceded it. The one-liners come thick and fast because above all, these first two episodes are entirely about embracing the ludicrous world Ash lives in. If there wasn’t the comedy aspect, some of the gore would most likely be a bit too much for casual audiences, but thankfully Ash vs Evil Dead keeps killing it in all the right places.

Ash vs Evil Dead is zany, gory and absolutely groovy


“How does it feel?”


Man, oh freaking man, has Starz Ash vs Evil Dead gotten off with a literal bang. The new show, which premiered on Halloween night, brought back a familiar face, sex and a whole lot of gore. If the first episode “El Jefe” is anything to go by, viewers are in for a real treat.

Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is now three decades older than we last saw in him fighting off Deadites. He’s still smug with that charming smile, but he’s also a bit overweight and living in a trailer. He’s kept his nose (mostly) clean, but ruined everything by waking the demons once again during a night getting high with a date. His idea of impressing the lady is reading some “poetry” or rather some lines from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

Cleaning up Ash’s mess as Michigan State Trooper, Amanda Fischer (Jill Marie). She and her partner go to investigate a house after reported noise complaints. Waiting for them is Ash’s date, who is now a Deadite herself. Amanda’s partner is quickly possessed. To save her own skin, she is forced to shoot her partner in the head. Until she can clear her name of murder, Amanda is forced to sit-out of the force and investigate on her own time.

At Value Stop, the modern day S-Mart, Ash is trying to grab his last paycheck before hightailing it out of town. There viewers are introduced to the immediately-lovable Pablo, an immigrant from Honduras. He has an undying fondness for his co-worker and is disappointed by Ash’s decision to leave. But before Ash can grab his paycheck and leave, Pablo points out the new worker, Ashley.

Ash attempts his charms on Ashley. She tells him his mother has died only six months before. Ash, wanting to remain on the upper hand, leaves to take care of business in the backroom. Here he faces another Deadite when he is attacked by a possessed doll. He’s saved by a bewildered Pablo, who tells Ash the story of someone his shaman uncle used to talk about. A man called El Jefe or the boss will be the only man able to rise against evil, and Pablo believes fate has found its man. Ash, refusing to take any responsibility, heads home to leave home.

But Ash can’t out-run evil. Ashley receives a call from her father, saying that her mother is back. Panicking, she acquires the Pablo’s assistance. The two head over to Ash’s trailer to ask him one more time for his film. The final scenes from the movie are some great throw-backs to the original trilogy. Fans of the Evil Dead films will have plenty of fun picking everything out. But the ending shows Ash with his two new cohorts by his side. And it all promises to be one hell of a season.

Nearly every day now there’s an announcement of another show or movie being remade, rebooted or remolded is announce. But what Ash vs Evil Dead does well is breathing new life into the story (or dead, if you want to be cheeky). This is a sequel that many fans probably actually wanted. If you go with the theatrical ending of 1992’s Army of Darkness, there is a great open-ending to the film franchise. And with the ever-growing affection for Bruce Campbell, it was only natural that fans genuinely wanted to know what happened to their hero.

On a production note, the practical effects are simply amazing in the first episode. It’s great to see so much of the spirit of the original films come through in the show. Much of that could also be do to the fact that original creator and director Sam Raimi came back to his roots to direct the first episode. There’s much of the old Three Stooges slap-stick humour in the show and it’s genuinely fun to watch a show, well, be fun. It will be dead-interesting to see where the rest of the season goes with the plot line.

Ash is back in a big way, and, damn, is it groovy.

Horror Block August 2015 unboxed


I know. I know. July was the last month. I was determined to break things off like the strong-willed woman I want to be… But I couldn’t help it (well, more like I just forgot to cancel). I got another Horror Block. Why? Because why the hell not. But I’m pretty glad that I did last another month because this box is pretty damn cool. I swore to myself this would be my very last subscription box (you know, because now that I’m a real adult I have loans to pay or other adult things to do). Call me a fair-weather fan, but this block was so good it’s difficult to let go… So I probably won’t. Especially because next month’s box is going to have a Night of the Living Dead documentary included. Sign me the hell up!


  1. Grady Twins autographed print

This is freaking cool. I’m a big fan of Kubrick’s The Shining and those freaky twins are amazing. Having an autographed print made me fangirl. But the bonus is that it comes with the certificate of authenticity, which is completely necessary when sending these sorts of items. I’m not sure how much these signatures are worth, but when I go to comic cons, most signatures (even those of people absolutely no one has heard of) are at least £15, which makes this item a good chunk of the value for this box. Sure it’s a cheesy print, but I will probably put it in a picture frame anyway.


2. Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees plush from Bleacher Creatures

As we creep into September, the Halloween excitement is already building (if I was still in Wisconsin, my best friend and I would have already been planning festivities since August 1st). Nothing makes me more excited for October than this little guy. The people over at Bleacher Creatures do all sorts of plushes from MLB to the Pope. Another good company to know about for future gifts. I’ve always liked the horror subscription boxes with handmade items. This gives me that well-thought-out vibe and I really like it.

This is an exclusive item for this month’s block.

3. Rise of the Zombies DVD and Blu-Ray

I’m not going to lie, when I saw this DVD in this month’s box, I had a bit of an eye roll. I’m sorry, I love Danny Trejo’s persona, but I usually can’t be bothered to watch his movies anymore. But after watching the trailer, I don’t actually think this movie is going to be 100% shit. Does that mean I’ll actually watch it? If the last two DVDs we got in the box are anything to go on… probably not.

“When zombies overrun San Francisco, a desperate group survives by locking themselves inside Alcatraz Prison. When the undead breach the island, our heroes are forced to return to the mainland overrun with the undead.”

What I do like about the synopsis is that the movie clearly fucks up everyone’s idea of living in Alcatraz during a zombie apocalypse. I guess no one will be save on this one.

4. Rue Morgue – September 2015 issue (not pictured)



5. Necronomicon notebook

This is the freaking BEST. It’s just a tiny pad of paper, really, but it’s the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis! Or, I think it is because it certainly looks like the book from Evil Dead. Being a writer (of sorts) I go through notebooks like crazy. This little one will have to be saved for special occasions. This is something useful for lists and to-do bits. Although a majority of things in Horror Block are not officially licensed products, I do like how they’ve gone about this one. It’s gross and people on the tube will definitely give me looks (and it’s not just because of my Labyrinth tote bag either).


6. “Say My Name” Beetlejuice t-shirt from ShirtPunch.com

Some times the shirts in Horror Block are pretty bad, but this one is absolutely-freaking-fantastic. The design and colours are both really good on this Beetlejuice shirt without being too garish (I guess) to be worn in public. Plus the tag line is pretty great, so just the finishing touch on a pretty great block this month.

Horror Block April 2015: Unboxed


It FINALLY arrived. Horror Block is a subscription box I have been eagerly awaiting since I placed my first order a month ago. The box made it to the UK four days ago, but due to the Bank Holiday we had on Monday I had to wait in agony for the long weekend to pass.

And today I could finally open it, and I am absolutely over the moon. After watching several unboxings on YouTube, I thought I would give this a go. Horror-themed boxes seem to be a little bit more high-quality across the board, in my opinion. Many geek boxes have throw away items, but that was definitely not the case for Horror Block’s April box.

I could continue on gushing with praise, but check out the loot below and let the items speak for themselves:

1. Exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl!

This month’s box included an exclusive Ecto-1 vinyl from Titan Merchandise. This Ghostbusters car is so freaking cool, and is a really worthy addition to the contents. This sweet little car looks almost as though it was made out of fondant. It’s soft and light and really cute.

I have to admit I was quite relieved when I saw it was a car and not one of Titan’s figures because compared to Funko’s adorable designs, I’m really not a fan. This car, though, is definitely an exception. I’m glad there has been this sort of Ghostbuster’s love-revival. More Ghostbusters stuff everywhere, please.

Also, if this looks a bit familiar for an exclusive item, I do know that the it was also included in this month’s Nerd Block as well.


2. Rue Morgue Magazine – May 2015

Before I left to go back to London, I had wanted to buy myself some magazines for the long-haul flight from the Midwest. Apparently I hadn’t bought a magazine in the States in a long while because the prices were sky-high. Rue Morgue was one of the magazines I had in hand before I had to sadly place it back on the shelf.

A believe a copy of this magazine comes in every box. This alone makes up a good chuck of the box’s value. Seeing this in the bottom of the box makes the journalist and horror fan in me very pleased indeed. This Canadian magazine always delivers on quality.

3. Evil Dead t-shirt (exclusive)

Many sub boxes love to include an exclusive t-shirt, but this is the first one I would have picked out for myself. But like the idiot I am, I ordered the wrong size. I could just kick myself because this shirt is so damn cool. I’ll be attending a con here in London later this month and this really would have been a cool shirt to wear. Unfortunately, I look like a girl drowning in a pool of black fabric. Thankfully it’s a really high-quality shirt so I can still wear it to bed or around the flat. Maybe I will give up on life and gain enough weight to finally fit.

You never know! GOALS! GOALS!

Check out the website who produced this exclusive shirt – ShirtPunch.com. They have a really cool business model. Each day they will have four different designs available. Don’t like any today? Just check out their new designs the next day.


4. Bloody Disgusting Bates Motel mug

This month, Horror Block teamed up with super-cool horror website Bloody Disgusting. Their partnership has brought us this Bates Motel mug. This hotel-themed mug is cool for the fans of either the movie or the show (or both). Or even the book. Not pictured: the back side of the mug has a Bloody Disgusting logo on it. Fun on all sides!



5. Heeeeere’s Coasters!

This is probably the least useful of all the items included this month. That being said, these are sill some really great coasters. The people at Horror Block printed these funky coasters. The hexagon-shaped coasters are printed with the famous  Overlook Hotel carpeting printed on.  They are printed on cardboard so they might not last very long for practical use, but they sure look great for now.

6.Killer Shots shot glasses

I’m an adult that enjoys alcohol. A lot. So if there is anything drink-related involved, I am on board. These two shot glasses have little ghoulies printed on them. They’re really cute. Kind of like carrying around your own drinking buddies.

Paladone do lots of really cool geek-related knick-knacks. Their website is mega and worth checking out.


While I really loved the service I received this month, I don’t think I can afford to get in every month since the box is coming from Canada. The box is actually really affordable at $19.99, but the international shipping is kind of the worst. If you’re into horror in a big way, try this service. Many of the other horror subscription boxes haven’t made the international leap yet. If you are in the States or Canada, I’d still recommend this over some of the other options you can take. Many sub boxes for horror really, really focus on the Walking Dead.

So indulge the horror freak inside you and subscribe to Horror Block here.