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MCM Comic Con 16, Day 1: Two Ians, Iron Man in the hands of the Irish and an horrific Italian (almost)

This Friday was the first day of the Autumn MCM Comic Com in London. It was an unusually quiet day for the convention, but there were still some great names from the realm of DC Television to some of Britain’s best indie shows and films. 

But early on in the day were two familiar faces to MCM, Game of Thrones actors, Ian Gelder (Ser Kevan Lannister) and Ian Beattie (Ser Barristan Selmy).

The pair of actors reminisced about their time in set, but mostly spoke about their theories to the ending of the much-loved game-changing series. A bit like watching a pair of fans, but the most charismatic ones you could find.

Beattie noted that the only good thing about not being on the show was not knowing what was coming next for the story. 

As a large fan of the show and the “genius storytelling” that goes on, Beattie mentioned how he had never read the books, which he says he won’t read until series author George R.R. Martin publishes the 6th series or gets near to publishing the series. “I’m not doing Harry Potter again,” said the Northern Irish actor.

But like many of the fans anxious for the next instalment of the series, both Ians agreed that they hoped the book would diverge from the television series, but all ending at the same place with whoever ends up on the Iron Throne. 

Through apologise to Gelder, your dreams of seeing Bron on the throne may be a distant one.

Also at the con was popular Irish author Eoin Colfer talking about his upcoming Marvel novel Iron Man: Gauntlet

Instead of doing a lot of research, Colfer set his YA novel in his familiar setting of Dublin. It was also his way of usurping many of Marvel’s strict rules about what a writer can do with their universe.

The 1980s-fuelled novel serves as a way to look at the iconic Tony Stark character in a way that comics and films can’t. 

Colfer took the time to fill the book with references for 40-year-old dads and small details that fans may not have considered before.

The Artemis Fowl author, whose first love was graphic novels, made sure to include the Mandarin, a character he feels didn’t get justice in the film series.

Iron Man: Gauntlet is now out.

An interesting choice of guest was Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, who unfortunately had delayed flight, was unable to make his panel. 

It was great to get a horror legend at a  London con, even if I was unable to see him. Frizzi is best known for his scores for iconic horror films from Italian horror director Lucio Fulci including Zombi 2, City of the Living Dead and The Beyond. 

Frizzi will playing liveat the Union Chapel on Sautrday the 29th.

A big disappointment was that the convention booklets were printed with the wrong times. Thankfully there were handouts with the correct schedules, but me and my partner in crime, Virginia, we’re not informed – even at the press room. Really shoddy as it completely messed up our schedules. But alas, on to brighter days tomorrow with a (hopefully) correct schedule.

And as Virginia said, “It wouldn’t be MCM if it wasn’t confusing and weird.” 

Sunday at MCM Comic Con London 2015

Sunday at Comic Con in London was the last day of the weekend, but the convention still had some major guests including two of the biggest shows in the last decade.

1. RJ Mitte brings maturity and determination to London

Walter White Jr actor RJ Mitte returned to MCM Comic Com London to talk about his time spent on the set of the massively successful TV show Breaking Bad.

The actor was at ease at the convention, reminiscing about the first time he was at San Diego Comic Con. His time at SDCC was the first time he really became aware of the full-extent of fandom Breaking Bad had achieved.

When asked about whether or not he thought the show went too far, Mitte gave a simple response: “I don’t think it pushed the boundaries enough.”

And that idea serves as a mantra for the actor, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 3-years-old. His character Walter Jr used crutches and slurred speech, but also wasn’t hindered by this. He expressed his love of challenging and difficult scenes as a way to grow as an actor.

Mitte spoke of pushing himself in his craft both during Breaking Bad and in his personal life. While the crutches were merely a prop, he used them as a metaphor as pushing both himself and his character forward.

“There’s so much I can do and will do, ” said Mitte.


RJ Mitte at MCM Comic Con at London on Sunday.

2. Game of Thrones actors talk sex scenes, Hunger Game battles and tight boots

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, you are one of the few left. One of the biggest pulls for Sunday was the Game of Thrones panel that showed some of the more familiar faces from season 5. The group had a Q&A session with fans that brought laughs along with some more serious discussions.

Eugene Simon, who plays Lancel Lannister, had plenty to say about the dramatic changes of his character in season 5. Audiences did not see the transition of Ser Lancel into Brother Lancel of the Sparrows, a religious cult in Westeros. His relationship with Lean Headey’s character often changed dramatically, even while often not seeing the actress very often throughout filming. The actors are often in so many places, he said his character was having a sexual relationship with another while not even knowing her.

Ian McElhinney said, to much crowed laughter, “Sex is much easier with people you just meet.”

Ian Beattie played Ser Meryn Trant, a character who had some of the more appalling scenes of the entire series. His character was introduced in earlier series as the Kingsguard, but later took a much darker turn. During the panel, Beattie addressed the scenes where it is revealed that his character has sexual interest in very young girls.

“It was emotionally, technically and physically difficult to convince the audience that this character enjoyed doing this,” said Beattie. “I would leave to for a bathroom break and just burst into tears.”

Beattie, who is a father, said that it while these were challenging scenes for him, he was happy for the opportunity and assured that the set on Game of Thrones is always very protected – especially since so many young actresses were involved.

McElhinney, who played  Ser Barristan Selmy, chimed in to help lighten the mood by addressing his own personal difficulties on set. Costumes were a constant source of discussion, and each actor gave the costume department high praise. But McElhinney’s most difficult scene involved some tight boots he had to wear early on in the series, all while walking down a very long room.

“When your feet are comfortable, the world is your oyster,” said McElhinney.

The three actors were a constant source of humour throughout the panel. When asked about their own personal theories about the show, McElhinney said it was likely no one would end up on the throne.

“I think it will all end in a nuclear holocaust,” said McElhinney.


Eugene Simon, Ian Beattie and Ian McElhinney at the Game of Thrones panel.


Loot Crate April 2015: Unboxed


The last few months of Loot Crate have been pretty hit or miss, but this month’s Fantasy box was great. At our household we were ready to click the ‘cancel subscription’ box, but the theme just sounded right up my alley so we held out for another month. It was a good thing too because it was great.

This is a bit unusual for me to share this type of post on the blog here, but it was too cool not to. Plus I know a few of you readers out there will appreciate many of the box’s contents. First off, the box (pictured above) when turned inside out looks incredible. There’s a treasure map on the other side. I’ll probably keep this one for future storage. Loot Crate should probably ship all their boxes like this.

So on to the good stuff…


Contents of Loot Crate April 2015:

1. Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirt (Wizards of the Coast / Loot Crate Labs):

This t-shirt has a fantastic design on it. The use of the dragon sound in the & sign is really clever. Unfortunately I nor anyone I know is into the game. It would probably be ok to try starting playing the RPG to justifying wearing this shirt, though it will probably end up in our miscellaneous t-shirt drawer.

2. Harry Potter Luggage Tag (BIOWORLD)

When I saw this item I knew that this box was going to be a favourite. My love for Harry Potter still goes as strong as it was when I was a kid. And this luggage tag is absolutely perfect to continue the fandom on to adulthood. The tag is made out of what feels like will be a durable rubber, which means I won’t be afraid to actually use this in real life. We take trains out of Kings Cross all the time for trips. I will not even try and conceal how cool it will be walking through the train station with this luggage tag. Maybe I’ll even accidentally go through to the magical platform itself…


3. Inflatable Crown (Loot Crate Labs)

This was definitely not the coolest item in the box. It’s an inflatable crown just one notch above Burger King. Not entirely sure why they decided it was a good thing to include, but I guess it was pretty cute. We definitely had a laugh about it, though, and took turns wearing it. The poor thing will probably end up in the bin, but it was worth it for a little bit of reenacting Joffrey Baratheon death scenes.

4. Exclusive RPG Bow Tie (Spotted & Tied)

Next is a red bow tie covered in sweet little dragons and dice (?). Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this item is also D&D related. The girl in the booklet photo is wearing it as a headband for some non-suit options. Maybe I just have a massive head but it definitely didn’t work for me. Neither my husband or I wear bow ties, but we’ll definitely hang on to this one. It’s really great quality so we’ll check out more stuff by Spotted & Tied in the future for special occasions.


5. The Princess Bride Playing Cards (Albino Dragon)

This was one of my favourite items included in this month’s box. This deck of cards is the “As You Wish” Princess Bride cards. The cards all contain some absolutely stunning art work. The back of the cards have a really nice intricate design, and the art of the characters is also very lovely. They all look soft and dreamy, just like the atmosphere of the movie. Albino Dragon make loads of different items like poker sets and dice as well as cards decks. They cover several other movies as well like The Goonies and Ghostbusters. This is a company I will definitely check out more in the future.


6. Game of Thrones Magnet Set (Dark Horse)

Step aside, Top Gear Magnet Poetry: the houses of Westeros have arrived at our fridge. The four house sigils included are Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. Will this piss off our flatmates? Probably, but they’ll just have to deal with it just like our GOT shot glasses.

7. Exclusive Game of Thrones USB Flash Drive (CustomUSB)

THE coolest item this month was a flash drive that came in the shape of the house Stark sigil. The direwolf is really well sculpted, especially for a USB. My husband was rather impressed that it could hold 4 GB. I am definitely one of those people who never backs up anything on their computer (oops), but just having something that looks this cool really changes my tune.


Other than the exclusive items, most of these items can be purchased online at their respective stores. This was probably the box that saved our subscription. May’s theme is still yet to be announced, but hopefully they continue with the work they did here. Many people were somehow disappointed because there were no Funko Pops included for the past number of months, but exclusive items must take a long time to create (especially since Funko seems to be working closely with Marvel Collector Corps at the moment).

And last but not least the monthly button, which includes what looks like a giant penis castle: