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Gillian Anderson and her robots win hearts at Comic Con

Robot Overlords star Gillian Anderson and director Jon Wright at MCM London Comic Con 2015.

Robot Overlords star Gillian Anderson and director Jon Wright at MCM London Comic Con 2015.

If there is anything to take away from the first day of MCM Comic Con in London, it’s that Gillian Anderson is an absolute gem and a real treasure to the world.

The actress was at the con to promote her new movie Robot Overlords with director Jon Wright (Grabbers). The two discussed the importance of British film – especially in the niche genres like science fiction. The movie’s goal is to set a precedent. It follows a family that live in a world Earth has been conquered by robots from a distant galaxy. The survivors are confined to their houses because they risk incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside. Anderson plays a mother of children in a fictional seaside town in Britain. Sir Ben Kingsley also stars as the movie’s protagonist, of course.

The independent film was made on an estimated budget of $21 million, a minuscule amount compared to big budget American robot films like 2007’s Transformers, which was made for $150 million. It’s a David and Golaith story for modern times, but it seems as though the little guy has lost this battle. Robot Overlords has won neither critical acclaim or many seats in the cinema. Despite this, the cast and crew remain dedicate and passionate about the project. Their love has paid off, as Wright announced at the panel that the show would indeed have a sequel – in the form of a television show.

While the movie was meant to be the focus of the hour-long panel, things quickly moved on to being all about Anderson. Like many great stars, she completely commanded the attention of the entire room. She offered a great sense of one part great intelligence and three parts sass. She shared strange teenage dreams (she was homeless in London, eating maggots out of the River Thames), how she struggles with looking stage left (she always looks like a scientist) and her beliefs, or lack thereof, of aliens. But when asked about the X-Files, Anderson was tight-lipped.

“There will be Mulder and Scully. And probably aliens,” the actress joked.

While the details were scarce, the fans were still fawning over their idol. While not many may have been Robot Overlords, an initial success, it could have been the small knowing audience. Perhaps the sparkling appearance from Anderson may create a spike in interest. If not for her, hopefully for the future of British independent film.

Robot Overlords: From Script to Screen will be showing at the Old Royal Naval College on May 24th as a part of the Greenwich Book Festival. The movie starts at 2.30 pm. Tickets are £6 at the door or can be bought  online here.

MCM London Comic Con preview

MCM London Comic Con begins today promising a weekend full of panels, film showings, video games and hundreds of people in wigs. 

Friday night’s big guest is undoubtably the fabulous Gillian Anderson who is in London to promote her new movie Robot Overlords. British indie film Arthur & Merlin will also be in attendance to promote the film after its Spring release. 

Saturday continues on with panels of popular shows like Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Orphan Black. But there are plenty of British shows representing like Jekyll & Hyde and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell. 

I will be at the con all weekend long (disrupting this blog’s usual schedule). If you are at the con, feel free to tweet or email me what you think I need to check out! 

Most tickets for MCM is sold out, but there are still tickets for Subday available online here (there is a panel the proves to be great that is full of women from television discussing great female characters. Definitely sounds like a must see).