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Firefly’s Summer Glau and Sean Maher reunite at MCM London Comic Con

Two stars from Joss Whedon’s short-lived, cult television series Firefly were reunited on Saturday at MCM London Comic Con.

Actors Summer Glau and Sean Maher (who played siblings River Tam and Dr Simon Tam respectively) joined the stage for a lengthy Q&A session with their fans. The pair completely packed the room on the sold-out Saturday, which is pretty impressive for a television show that didn’t even make it through its first season.

Despite it’s short life, Firefly has a massive and dedicated fan base. Glau and Maher agreed that it was probably this aspect that helped fans become so fanatical. But it didn’t hurt that the story and its characters were each so special.

Maher recalled how when the cast first started working together, the chemistry was both instantaneous and organic. Their sibling affection for each other helped create some of the more dynamic parts of the show. Each after sighted the other as a larger reason as to why their performances did so well.

The actors said that the filming was a unique and special experience. Glau said that she was mostly kept in the dark about the future of the show, and said that creator Joss Whedon only gave her glimpses into her character’s past – information that she wouldn’t divulge to the fans.

The subject of Glau’s ballet training came up multiple times in her responses. But her character River uses a variety of martial arts in the Serenity film. Glau spoke about how her “gangly limbs” were used to her advantage to form a unique style that was one of the more impressive aspects of the movie.

Both Glau and Maher’s characters were at the forefront of Firefly’s follow-up film (and excited about having dialogue on so many pages). Glau especially had to work on her martial arts training, which she said she began several months before filming even began.

“It became my life,” said Glau, reflecting on her training – which included lessons with 12-year-old boys who all refused to be her partner.

Glau and Maher also discussed the string of cancelled shows they’ve both been on. Maher especially felt jaded after having a number of his shows axed by the same network on multiple occasions. But if the success of Firefly proves anything, its that there can still be love for a show that is gone too soon.

But mostly, both actors look back fondly on their time on both Firefly and the follow-up film Serenity. Both actors have worked with Whedon on multiple occasions. Whedon himself mostly lives in the realm of movies these days, but a full-fledged return to television would always be welcome.

Minor note, but bonus points for Glau’s super-adorable little girl. She could be heard chatting away during the entire hour. And is apparently a big fan of The Jetsons.

Day three at MCM Comic Con London brings Smeg Heads, Actives and (not) Cylons

Red Dwarf panel

Red Dwarf panel

Day three was a massive day for MCM Comic Con in London with several of the guests appearing in some of television’s biggest names like Game of Thrones, the DC universe, Agent Carter and for some thing a little closer to the UK – iconic science fiction television show Red Dwarf.

Sunday’s Game of Thrones panel was longer and filled with more guests than Fridays short Q&A. Joining Friday’s guests Ian Gelder and Ian Beatter were yet another Ian, Ian McElhinney and Eugene Simon. The four actors revisited their time on set as well as further explaining some of their favourite fan theories.

Following was actor Enver Gjokaj from the popular Marvel TV show Agent Carter and cult-favourite Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse. 

Gjokaj shared some of his favourite back scene moments with the fans, including several of the pranks he was subjected to and the ones he had a hand in (poor Dominic Cooper).

According to Gjokaj, the biggest pranksters at Agent Carter were the writers. They had a particular love of getting unsuspecting people to run into tape strips.

When speaking about the short-lived show Dollhouse, Gjokaj said he loved having the challenge of playing so many types of characters, something that he was grateful to have the opportunity to work with some talented writers.

Agent Carter actor Enver Gjokaj

Agent Carter actor Enver Gjokaj

After Gjokaj, Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber came on stage for his panel. Echoing what Gjokaj said, Bamber expressed how much he loved working with such great writers. Though despite much of his success coming from the small screen, the actor mentioned that he hoped to one day get back into stage acting, something that he considered his first love.

Like Edward James Olmos at the con last year, Bamber was really great with questions and fans. Although he said he didn’t want to recollect his time on set (he wants to be surprised when he revisits it with his children in the future), Bamber still gets a kick out of the word “fracking” despite the unfortunate contemporary meaning.

Following Bamber, two panels followed about three of televisions biggest shows. Flash actress Violett Beane was joined by surprise guest Michael Rowe, who played Deadshot in Arrow. But the big draw of the day was Red Dwarf, a panel that was only thirty minutes long. but was mostly photo-ops and an great excuse for actors Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Hattie Hayridge to mess about together on stage.

It was a rather full day on Sunday and it was all great quality. A way to end another fantastic (and tiring) con on a high note.

Slideshow from this weekend’s MCM Comic Con London 2016 in October:


MCM Comic Con 16, Day 1: Two Ians, Iron Man in the hands of the Irish and an horrific Italian (almost)

This Friday was the first day of the Autumn MCM Comic Com in London. It was an unusually quiet day for the convention, but there were still some great names from the realm of DC Television to some of Britain’s best indie shows and films. 

But early on in the day were two familiar faces to MCM, Game of Thrones actors, Ian Gelder (Ser Kevan Lannister) and Ian Beattie (Ser Barristan Selmy).

The pair of actors reminisced about their time in set, but mostly spoke about their theories to the ending of the much-loved game-changing series. A bit like watching a pair of fans, but the most charismatic ones you could find.

Beattie noted that the only good thing about not being on the show was not knowing what was coming next for the story. 

As a large fan of the show and the “genius storytelling” that goes on, Beattie mentioned how he had never read the books, which he says he won’t read until series author George R.R. Martin publishes the 6th series or gets near to publishing the series. “I’m not doing Harry Potter again,” said the Northern Irish actor.

But like many of the fans anxious for the next instalment of the series, both Ians agreed that they hoped the book would diverge from the television series, but all ending at the same place with whoever ends up on the Iron Throne. 

Through apologise to Gelder, your dreams of seeing Bron on the throne may be a distant one.

Also at the con was popular Irish author Eoin Colfer talking about his upcoming Marvel novel Iron Man: Gauntlet

Instead of doing a lot of research, Colfer set his YA novel in his familiar setting of Dublin. It was also his way of usurping many of Marvel’s strict rules about what a writer can do with their universe.

The 1980s-fuelled novel serves as a way to look at the iconic Tony Stark character in a way that comics and films can’t. 

Colfer took the time to fill the book with references for 40-year-old dads and small details that fans may not have considered before.

The Artemis Fowl author, whose first love was graphic novels, made sure to include the Mandarin, a character he feels didn’t get justice in the film series.

Iron Man: Gauntlet is now out.

An interesting choice of guest was Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, who unfortunately had delayed flight, was unable to make his panel. 

It was great to get a horror legend at a  London con, even if I was unable to see him. Frizzi is best known for his scores for iconic horror films from Italian horror director Lucio Fulci including Zombi 2, City of the Living Dead and The Beyond. 

Frizzi will playing liveat the Union Chapel on Sautrday the 29th.

A big disappointment was that the convention booklets were printed with the wrong times. Thankfully there were handouts with the correct schedules, but me and my partner in crime, Virginia, we’re not informed – even at the press room. Really shoddy as it completely messed up our schedules. But alas, on to brighter days tomorrow with a (hopefully) correct schedule.

And as Virginia said, “It wouldn’t be MCM if it wasn’t confusing and weird.”