Patrick Hernandez

Just can’t get enough Pt. 3

Hello, blissful Saturday. What I haven’t been able to get enough of lately is the bizarre and fluffy-haired Patrick Hernandez.

Growing up, I always read punk anthologies and post-punk history books and they always try to enforce the idea that disco was shit. I believed that mentality for most of my life until recent years. Like dance music, disco can be cast aside as superficial or “pop” (because heaven forbid that means that’s not real music).

Hernandez was known for only one hit: “Born to Be Alive.” Literally. Only one fucking song. In the States we consider bands like Soft Cell and Madness one-hit wonders, but there was a whole country and continent across the ocean that loved them. Our fuzz disco friend, on the other hand, only existed in that sad little moment of disco madness. Because as history goes, no one cared about disco for much longer after 1979.

But to share the love and remember the fun of disco, enjoy the two videos below. My personal favorite is the World Disco Championship from 1979: pure cotton candy shit (and I love it).

PS: Can anyone explain that fucking cane?