Riverdale actor KJ Apa graces MCM London Comic Con with kiwi charm 

Sunday was the final day of MCM London Comic Con, and with it was one last big name to close out the weekend.

New Zealand actor KJ Apa, who plays Archie Andrews on the television show Riverdale, was in London to answer a number of questions at his Q&A panel.

Apa, wearing a shirt given to him by a fan at MCM, charmed the socks off the audience. The show is young (it only first began airing in January), but has already gained a dedicated audience.

Though things were easy straight off the bat for Apa. Being a New Zealander, he had to adjust to his new surroundings in America. Apa said that he needed to stop using certain Kiwi terms that his American counter-parts wouldn’t know, and said that it took the cast a little while to get their chemistry working. Thankfully they pulled it off well.

The 19-year-old actor showed plenty of affection for his television father, Luke Perry. Apa said that Perry was the one actor that he got on best with (name Jugheard actor Cole Sprouse as the second). That special relationship lead to some great acting experiences for Apa.

The final scene of the season in which Perry’s character Fred Andrews is shot, was one of Apa’s favourites to film.  Both actors received the script for the scene the night before filming, and Apa said he was thrown. But Apa said that his special relationship with Perry made that final scene very difficult to film, and they both had to stop to take a few minutes from the emotional scene.

The shooting of Fred Andrews (which may or may not be fatal) will lead to Archie becoming a lot darker as he looks to avenge his father. Apa promises that Archie will become much more intense in season 2.

As far as season 1 was concerned, Apa said that he initially thought that Jughead was the killer. The actor said he thought it would be cool, considering that Jughead is the narrator of the show. But once he dropped that idea, he moved on to suspecting Clifford Blossom. And he guessed it right early on, saying that he stunned one of the writers when he asked if Clifford was the one responsible for Jason’s death.

Perhaps Apa has a future in writing murder-mysteries.

Apa is a fairly new to acting, getting his first role when he was only sixteen. And it was something that came fairly naturally. He claims he didn’t even have to work on his American accent for Riverdale. When Apa first auditioned for the role of Archie, he brought his guitar along to his callback. Apa, who performs all of his own music in the show, said that he felt calmer with his guitar in his hands.

But a solo album doesn’t look to likely for Apa. Hopefully he sticks to acting, though, he has plenty of fans to carry him on.


Riverdale Ep. 13 recap “Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter”

After last week’s unbelievable episode, Riverdale turned much more somber for it’s final chapter in its first season.

Many of the residents are coming to terms (or rather, not coming to terms) with their new Riverdale. It’s confirmed that Clifford Blossom was using the maple syrup business as a front to smuggle heroin out of Montreal in his trucks.

The discovery of the heroin only puts more pressure on FP, as the sheriff and mayor believe that the Serpents are the ones responsible for selling the drugs in Riverdale. FP is insistent that the gang never pushed any hard drugs, but the gang are an easy scapegoat.

To further push their agenda, Mayor McCoy and Principal Weatherbee ask Betty and Archie to be the face of Riverdale’s 75th Jubilee (a cute nod to Archie comic’s 75th anniversary this year). The adults tell the two kids that they want to celebrate how they all worked together to bring peace to Riverdale. Which, as Betty points out, is not really true. But they reluctantly agree.

But devious, wonderful little Betty has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. She begins to prepare an article about Clifford Blossom and how the Southside Serpents are getting an unfair amount of blame in Jason Blossom’s death. But the Coopers refuse to publish it in their newspaper. They tell her that there is a lot more violence towards the gang and they don’t want Betty to be the next target.

Betty, who is not happy with her new-reunited family’s returned faux-happiness, confronts her mom when Alice tells her off for publishing the story about the Serpents in the Blue and Gold. Alice is angry at her daughter, who ended up getting “go to Hell Serpent Slut” painted on her locker, but Betty turns the tables and begins to question her mom instead.

Alice refuses to answer any of Betty’s questions about the argument she had with Hal on their homecoming night. But eventually, she goes to her daughter and admits that was the night she told Hal that she was pregnant, but they disagreed on how to ‘handle’ the baby. Alice eventually went away to the same place they sent Polly, and she gave the baby – a boy – up for adoption.

While Alice and Betty have their moment of reconciliation, things are not going well for Hermione and Veronica’s increasingly strained relationship. Hermione fired the Serpents from the job site, and wants to buy out Fred Andrews from his part-ownership. Fred, angry that Hermione fired his workers, refuses to sell. And Hermione has the gumption to ask Veronica to have a word with Archie about his father.

Hermione is, of course, desperate to get rid of Fred because of her husband’s return at the end of the month. The less of her relationship with Fred that’s around, the better. But Fred still refuses to sell.

Meanwhile, Fred is probably having a pretty shit week. As well as trying to be forced out of his project, he learns that he can no longer watch Jughead. The boy is sent to the Southside and has to transfer out of Riverdale High.

But Jughead actually handles things pretty well for someone who has been dramatic about every slight against him. He seems to actually fit in more with the, I dunno, ‘rugged’ kids at Southside High. But Betty is fairly convinced that things will change between them, despite her boyfriend’s insistence that it won’t.

His friends go to “save” him from his new school, but it’s completely unnecessary and dramatic. The boy, well, actually looks pretty happy. But the happiness is pretty short-lived when Veronica receives a text from Cheryl saying she’s going to be with Jason.

Poor little rich girl. After the death of her father, the girl is sick of the Blossom fortune and struggles with her relationship with her mom. She abdicates her place on the River Vixens. She gives Jughead her spider brooch (and even apologises!).

But Cheryl is not coping well. She dons her infamous white dress and goes to Sweetwater River. The gang catch her as she’s banging her fists against the ice. It doesn’t seem like the river can hold all of their weight, but when Cheryl actually falls through the ice, the race to help her. Archie busts up his hand trying to smash through the ice, and eventually breaks through – saving the girl.

Despite his damaged hand, Archie still wants to play the Jubilee with the Pussycats. But Josie says she heard about his heroic act and says she wants to play his song, an ode to his friends and what they had been through the past few months.

And Betty gives her speech in solidarity with FP and Jughead. Things look great for the kids, but a whole lot less great for the sheriff, mayor and Principal Weatherbee.

With a victory under the belt, Betty goes with Jughead to FP’s trailer while Archie and Veronica go to her place. A&V finally get it on. And while Juggie and Betty are about to get equally cozy, they’re interrupted. Outside the trailer is a slew of Southside Serpents, who say they will take care of Jughead. FP didn’t rat any of them out to get a shorter prison sentence.

The gang give Jughead one of their jackets, which he happily dons. But as soon as Betty sees him, she looks more disgusted than impressed.

The season wraps up when Archie goes to meet his dad at Pop’s. While Archie is washing his hands in the bathroom, he hears a commotion. When he re-enters the dining area, he sees a robber with a gun pointed at Pop’s head. Fred shakes his head at Archie, who clearly wants to intervene. Both men go to stop things, and a shot is fired – but it’s Fred who takes the bullet. As Jughead’s final voice-over tells us, the violence “was anything but random”.

So if Riverdale thinks they can kill of Luke Perry, they’re in a for a whole lot of angry. But what does it mean? The most obvious explanation is that Fred was a target because he doesn’t want to be bought out. But how did the ski-masked man find Fred anyway?

This show did a pretty great job at building next season’s mysteries while finally closing some doors.

Oh and Cheryl set her house on fire – the only way to “purify” things.

What a top bitch. I love Cheryl.

And that is it for Riverdale season 1! What a ride. I sure as hell had a lot of fun. See you for season 2.

Riverdale Ep. 12 recap “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”

Oh mother holy wow of plot twists and confessions, Riverdale.

Riverdale viewers were warned in advance that Jason’s killer would be revealed before the season finale, but what a way to wrap up this season’s biggest question.

Last week’s episode left off with the revelation that FP Jones was being framed for Jason’s murder by someone planting a gun in his trailer. But since Veronica and Archie had been digging through the trailer earlier in the evening, they know that FP is innocent (or at least Betty is incessant that he is).

Jughead tries to leave to stay with his mom in Ohio, but it told to remain in Riverdale. With nowhere else to go until the next bus leaves in the morning, Jughead goes to Pop’s where his friends track him down and tell him about the planted gun.

But FP already confessed to Jason’s murder. During questioning, he tells Sheriff Keller that he helped Jason. He gave him the money and car in exchange for delivering drugs. But after he “disappeared” on the 4th of July, FP kidnapped Jason and held him in the basement of the Southside Serpent’s bar. He then shot Jason and put his body in the freezer when Jason was about to escape. He also confesses to stealing the sheriff’s evidence from his home.

With FP’s confession made public, the rest of Riverdale react. Clifford Blossom tells Polly that morning, and says that he personally went to the station to stare Jason’s killer in the eye. Cheryl smacks Jughead around when he tries to apologise. And Alice Cooper, well, just revels in all the drama.

Jughead’s incident with Cheryl gets him kicked out of Riverdale High (or, rather, to be homeschooled). Fred agrees with Principal Weatherbee’s decision and tells Archie that he shouldn’t hang around the Jones family anymore, and implies that Archie should go with his mom to Chicago. Which is such a dickhead move, Fred Andrews.

That night, Betty and Alice hear an intruder in their house. But alas, it’s only Hal Cooper, digging out the evidence he stole from Sheriff Keller. The evidence that FP had already confessed to have stolen.

Hal tells Betty and Alice the he stole the evidence so they wouldn’t be dragged into the investigation. He tells the story again of how their great-grandfather was killed by a Blossom. But then he reveals that the man was also a Blossom. Which means many things, but most importantly: Polly and Jason are related – the real reason that Hal had wanted Polly to get an abortion.

After learning the revelation, the question becomes: If Hal went that far, how far would the Blossoms go? Then, in the middle of the night, the Coopers rush to take Polly away from the Blossoms and their little family is reunited again.

Archie and Jughead continue on their investigation for FP. Mary Andrews sits down with the boys after pretending to be FP’s lawyer. She tells them one key piece of information – that FP’s one phone call was to Joaquin.

The team, plus Kevin, go to investigate Joaquin. He admits that on July 11th, he received a phone call from FP asking for help on a “clean-up job”. He tells about how he saw Jason’s corpse, and helped FP clean up the body and store it in the freezer. But when Veronica asks about her father’s involvement, the Serpent says he heard another member of the gang, Mustang, say “something about a rich guy”.

They then go Mustang’s apartment to question him, but they find his body OD-ed in the tub. When the police arrive, they find a bag filled with cash with the initials HL on it. Which points directly to either Hermione or Hiram Lodge.

Meanwhile, Jughead takes the opportunity to visit his dad at the police station. FP does his best to convince his son that he killed Jason. But after he’s told to leave, Jughead calls Betty and tells her he knows his dad is lying.

And the group are given one more clue to keep them going. Before Joaquin leaves town, he gives Kevin a tip to check for a piece of evidence that was hidden. And they find a bag with Jason’s letterman’s jacket inside.

Betty asks Archie to put on the jacket and she searches the pocket. While the pockets are empty, she does discover a hole. And in the lining of the jacket, she discovers a USB. They plug the device into a laptop and watch the last clue fall into place. Betty immediately calls Cheryl Blossom, telling her to get out.

But Cheryl never listened to anyone. She marches down the stairs and stands next to her mother and says, “You did a bad thing, Daddy, and now everyone knows.”

The video is then revealed to the viewer: Jason Blossom is tied up in the basement of the Serpent’s bar. He’s being taunted by Mustang. But the Serpent leaves the room, and in walks Clifford Blossom. He takes the wedding ring out of Jason’s shirt pocket, and proceeds to shoot his son in the head.

Through his voice-over, Jughead tells us that his dad had agreed to admit to the murder after Clifford Blossom went to the station and threatened to kill Jughead if FP didn’t comply.

But while the main mystery of who killed Jason Blossom is solved, a whole fucking can of worms has just been opened just by asking one simple question: Why?

Cheryl knew that her father and Jason had argued before Jason died. But she hadn’t figured out what. When she asks her mother, she is taken to the barn where the maple syrup is stored. And then the police go to arrest Clifford, they discover him in the same barn. But Clifford has already hung himself, with one of the barrels of “maple syrup” opened – filled with drugs.

The questions about the Blossoms certainly aren’t over. I thought that was such a satisfying conclusion to the mystery. After reading some fan theories, I’m certainly glad the writers took it in this direction. And it’s brings things to a conclusion, all while adding more to the mystery.

There’s one more episode left of Riverdale‘s first season. And things are already promising to get worse. When Veronica returns home after learning the truth about Jason, her mother gives her the ‘good news’ that Hiram will be coming home. And if one man can cause that much trouble behind bars, what can be possible do outside of them?

Bring on all the drama, please. So far, this hasn’t left me disappointed.

Riverdale Ep. 11 recap “Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again”

I find it pretty difficult to figure any of these kids out in Riverdale. I mean, I think they’re supposed to be likable. This might even be the writers trying to make the kids “complex” but basically they’re all a bunch of jerks who are all self-obsessed.

But then again, I suppose that what teenagers actually are.

“Chapter Twelve” revolves around homecoming, so you know things are going to go terribly wrong. Old Riverdale graduates return to town to help celebrate. And one of the returned in Archie’s mom, Mary. While she’s not in Riverdale to stick around forever, she is there to try and convince Archie to join her in Chicago.

And to be honest, if Chicago is looking like the safer option in comparison to Chicago, things must really be getting bad. But she agrees to stick around long enough to go to the homecoming and watch Archie perform.

Archie approaches Veronica at school to talk about their night together (in which they slept in separate beds, but it’s still cute). V blows Archiekins off when he suggests they become something more. She’s not even interested in being a part of his performance at homecoming.

Veronica has bigger fish to fry. Her father is likely to be released from prison after she and her mom testified for his character. But Veronica is still convinced that he might have something to do with Jason’s murder. Namely that Jughead’s dad, FP, was involved.

Alice Cooper asks her daughter and Veronica for help looking into FP.  Betty is insistent that she doesn’t want to help. Jughead had already told her that he didn’t think his father was involved, and she was choosing to believe him. But Veronica isn’t as convinced. She thinks because FP and her father worked together to close the drive-in, it isn’t too out of the question to ask for a hitjob.

So secretly, Veronica agrees to look into FP for Alice. She approaches Archie and asks for his help. She’ll sing a duet with him for the homecoming dance if he agrees to search FP’s trailer with him. The stupid boy agrees to betray his friend under the guise of “looking out for Jughead”.

But Jughead is planning on moving back in with FP, who appears to have changed his ways. When Jughead visits his dad’s trailer, it’s clean and even repainted. His dad compliments him on his manuscript about Jason, even asking questions (namely “who do you think did it?”). But his dad mostly encourages Jughead to give up on Jason and move on to a new story.

Jughead and FP are invited to the Cooper’s house for dinner before the dance. It, shockingly, goes horrible. It was set up by Alice as a both a distraction (so A and V can get in that trailer) and a means to question FP about the drive-in. But Betty has her own vengeful secret up her sleeve: inviting her dad around.

FP takes the opportunity to talk about his, Alice’s and Hal’s homecoming in which Betty’s parents argued about something rather serious. But Alice puts a stop to it before it can get worse. The kids head off to the dance, leaving their parents to take care of themselves.

Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica are in FP’s trailer and come up empty-handed. This is actually upsetting to Veronica. But Archie reminds her that their friend’s dad not being a killer is actually a good thing. And convinced with another kiss from her ginger friend, the two go off to the dance together.

Despite agreeing not to tell Betty and Jughead about searching the trailer, Betty quickly pieces the puzzle together when she sees them talking to her mom. She goes to confront them, but they slip away to preform their cover of “Kids in America.”

Unbeknownst to any of them (I think), the police arrive at FP’s house with a search warrant. And despite Archie and Veronica not finding anything, the sheriff discovers a revolver in a lock box.

At the dance, Betty is told about Archie and Veronica’s search party. She’s incredibly angry with them, but loses out just as badly when Jughead learns about what they did. He’s not totally convinced that she had nothing to do with it.

And things become even worse when the four are told that FP has been arrested in connection to Jason’s death. Jughead is totally broken, thinking that his dad was changed.

But the thing is, he probably has. When Betty goes to look for Jughead at Pop’s, she instead finds Veronica and Archie. They tell her that they believe FP has been set up. The gun that was found wasn’t there when they were – it was planted.

There is a small subplot in this week’s episode about Polly. She discovers a room full of red wigs that are worn by Cliff Blossom (super weird). She’s then banned from the east wing where Cliff and Rose have their rooms.

But Polly is determined to snoop anyway and gets Cheryl to go into her mother’s room where they find the engagement ring that Jason gave Polly. This to Polly screams that the Blossoms are guilty of Jason’s murder. But Rose explains that they took the ring after Jason disowned the family.

Cheryl claims to have got rid of the ring, but has actually held onto it. For sentimental reason? As evidence? She’s a girl with plenty of tricks up her fabulous sleeves.

Oh and Rose Blossom gave Polly a drugged milkshake. That happened.

Episode eleven is the first episode to be written by Archie Comics chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa since episode 2. But I didn’t feel as much of his signature on this episode as I could hear in the first couple. But the music was fun (lots of 80’s music and covers), and the episode looked really great.

“To Riverdale and Back Again” was plenty dramatic, if a bit predictable. But it did raise plenty of new questions. For one: that gun. It has crossed my mind that it is similar to the one that Betty and Veronica found in “Ms Gundy’s” car. Mostly I’m being hopeful because I still don’t fully understand the reason for that storyline earlier in the season.

But I also think Joaquin is very suspicious. His leader is FP, but maybe the other Serpents aren’t too happy with him cleaning up his act.

Either way, kids. Two episodes to go and I’m getting a little impatient. I’m ready for some big, dramatic reveals. And I hope to God that at least some of these questions are answered.

Riverdale Ep. 10 recap “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”

I think I’m supposed to care about what happened in this episode but the ending of “The Lost Weekend” has got me so excited and giddy I think I’ve forgotten everything else that happened the 40 minutes before.

Cause, guys, SHE’S HERE!

Can I get a fuck yeah for Molly Ringwald FINALLY rocking up in Riverdale? Since I saw the casting announcement months ago, I have been awaiting the Queen’s arrival. And she’s here! (Looking super fab, by the way).

As I said last week, I think I’m more invested in the lives of the adults at this point (the majority of the main parent cast includes so many of my favourite actors), but this week is was mostly about the kids. Namely Jughead.

Archie reveals to Betty that it’s her boyfriend’s birthday coming up. Jughead is one of those people who hates having his birthday celebrated and tries to keep it a secret. Every year he goes to the double feature at the cinema with Archie. But this year, plans change when Juggie goes with Betty to see the John Landis films (American Werewolf in London to represent the Jughead The Hunger one-shot and Animal House to represent what happens later in the show).

Betty, sweet Betty, has different plans in mind for Jughead. She and the gang decide to throw him a surprise party. Initially Archie thinks it’s a bad idea, but when he spots his now ex-girlfriend Valerie across the cafeteria, he agrees.

Archie is dealing with a lot more than a broken heart. Fred is gone for the weekend to finalise the divorce with his wife. Archie is understandably upset, despite the fact that his mom has been gone already for over two years.

Betty and Archie finally tell Veronica what Archie learned at the Blossoms’ house. They tell her that it was Clifford Blossom who was responsible for Hiram Lodge being arrested and jailed. Veronica tells her mom this information after she discovers that the Blossoms paid a large payment to Lodge Industries and had for nearly 75 years, but Hermione tells her daughter to keep the information quiet.

Obviously Veronica doesn’t listen because Veronica does what she wants. First, she takes down Cheryl Blossom in a dance off to be the lead dancer for the Vixens’ homecoming routine. Neither girl is very good, but Veronica is a clear winner (and a favourite with her teammates). After, Veronica goes to her father’s lawyers. Her lawyer gives her a letter from her father that essentially threatens Veronica into testifying to her father’s character or he’ll implement Hermione.

So V did a great job at putting all the targets on her back. After being dethroned on the Vixens, Cheryl teams up with the odious Chuck, who is now back at school after his long suspension. He is hellbent on destroying Betty after he was humiliated and essentially destroyed by her hands.

On the day of Jughead’s birthday, everything begins as he expects. At the movies, he asks Betty what happened with Chuck but she successfully evades answering him. When the couple arrives at the Andrews’ house, he’s given his not-so-great surprise. Archie is already drunk and the rest of the crew he still doesn’t consider his friends.

While Betty and Jughead argue about her present for him, Cheryl arrives with two kegs and what looks like half of the high school student body. Drunk, eager Archie immediately lets the crowd in. But the party, shockingly, goes horribly wrong.

Archie gets a drink in his face when he tries to talk to Valerie. Jughead hurts Betty by telling her he doesn’t want to be one of her “projects”. Cheryl horrifies everyone by making them play “Secrets and Sins”. It goes just about as excruciating as you (and Kevin) would hope. Veronica incredibly accuses Cheryl of twincest (it’s as brilliant as it sounds). Chuck tells everyone about Betty’s dark side. And finally everyone learns about Archie and Ms Grundy.

But when Chuck begins to tell everyone about Betty, Jughead punches him and a fight breaks out. It’s stopped by FP, who was there on the insistence of Betty. He throws all the kids out. When he sees Jughead heading away as well, he stops his son and tells him not to make a mistake with Betty. And the boy takes his dad’s advice, and the couple reconcile.

Oh and Veronica and Archie FINALLY get together. But that’s probably not-so-great for Veronica and Betty’s friendship. Especially when V decides to keep things a secret from her friend. She goes to Betty the next day and asks to help their team investigate Jason’s death. She thinks her father could actually be involved. Mostly like to do with FP and their constant shady business together.

And what crazy sort of stuff was Alice Cooper up to this episode? I feel like even if she’s not essential to the plotline, we need to talk about her. She’s now the adviser to the Blue & Gold Riverdale High newspaper. Oh and apparently she was from the Southside! She and FP obviously have some sort of history. When they bump into each other while the kids leave the party, FP remarks that she can move to wherever she wants, but she’ll always be a snake.

Then Queen Ringwald arrives back in Riverdale with Fred. What does that mean for Archie and his dad? Judging by the preview for next week’s trailer, it doesn’t look like she’s there to stay. But for our sakes, I hope she’s around plenty.

We’re nearly the end of the mystery here. Three more episodes! Was Chuck’s return the bad news that Jughead was foreshadowing all those weeks ago? It doesn’t feel nearly as bad as I wanted it to be. But this was another great and juicy episode for Riverdale.

Riverdale Ep. 9 recap “Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion”

What would Riverdale be like without it’s teens? Like, don’t get me wrong. The kids are cute. But man oh man, these parents are super nuts. AND I LOVE IT. Give me aaaaall the crazy!

The arrival of inter means one thing in Riverdale: maple syrup season.

The Blossom family, rulers of the maple syrup industry, are preparing for the opening of the season. Typically, they’d have their pride and joy Jason in charge of things as the future heir to the company, but after his death and Cheryl being a black sheep of the family, the company’s future is a bit of a question mark.

And while the start of the season brings the board of trustees, they’re all also in Riverdale greedy to get their hands on the company. Cheryl knows her parents will never give her the love and affection that they gave Jason, so she concocts a plan involving another red head: Archie.

The ninth attempted to bring attention to Archiekins, but with all the wondrous things happening around him, he barely matters. He acts as a pawn for the Blossom family – particularly the heads of the family. But Cheryl is playing her own part. She asks Archie to be her date to the ceremonial maple syrup tap or whatever in place of Jason, but he turns her down as, you know, he’s got a girlfriend.

But Mrs Blossom steps in and offers Archie a position at a prestigious art school’s summer program. Embarrassingly, this is enough to persuade him.

At the tap, Archie attempts to Polly, who had recently started living with the Blossoms. He tries to get information out of her since she’s ignoring Betty and their mother. But Polly remains tight-lipped and doesn’t tell him a thing.

Though he’s going under the guise of being a good friend, he’s mostly just as self-involved as everyone else in the weird town. To his credit, he probably thinks he means well. And he stands up for Cheryl when some of the board begin to belittle her and her “crocodile tears” that she shed at Jason’s funeral.

Archie’s idea that helping Cheryl is a one-off is kind of sweet in its ignorance. He’s sucked into the family’s trap even further when he’s invited to a banquet. They make him a suit. They buy him classic guitar. The last thing is what pushes Archie’s dad, Fred, over the line.

If you’ll remember from last week, Cliff Blossom was trying to run Andrew’s Construction out of business because the owner of the property he’s building on is owned by the Lodge’s (unbeknownst to Fred). But Archie uses his new power to try and get his dad into better graces with the powerful family.

At the banquet, which Archie stupidly agreed to go to, things get weird (surprise). Mr Blossom insinuates he wants Archie to tag-team with Cheryl forever (must be because he’s a ginger and would match the dress code). Thankfully, Archie is saved by Polly, who asks him to dance. She takes the brief opportunity to tell him that she’s only living with the Blossoms so that she can figure out what they had to do with Jason’s death, of which she’s certain they had a part in.

Archie runs after his little red-headed syrup princess when he sees her arguing with her father. He tries comforting Cheryl, but she misinterprets his friendliness as trying to make a move on her and she kisses him. He tells her he no longer wants to be a part of her schemes.

Archie, who was acting as a red herring for the Coopers, tells Betty his news about Polly. After having their offer of having Polly staying with them was rejected, poor Alice Cooper isn’t coping well. She becomes obsessed with taking down the Blossoms as the one thing that she has to live for in life. She writes an expose about the real reason the Blossoms’ board of trustees is in town, but when she takes it to her newspaper to make the story live, she discovers that her husband locked her out of the system.

Even worse, Hal Cooper actually FIRED his wife! AND THEN SHE THROWS A ROCK THROUGH THE NEWSPAPER’S WINDOW AND EVERYTHING IS INCREDIBLE! Mädchen Freaking Amick for queen!

But seriously, the joy on her face when she learns that her eldest daughter hadn’t abandoned her is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. But boy oh boy. It’s nothing on what Veronica went through this week.

During one of their classes, Ethel Muggs reads out a rather bleak poem in one of Veronica’s classes. Unable to turn a blind eye to a wounded bird, Veronica extends her friendship to the down-trodden girl. She invites Ethel and Kevin over for a lunch. She even showers Ethel with presents. But of course, it’s mostly due to guilt.

During the meal, Hermione Lodge learns that Ethel is of the Muggs family, the family who lost all their money in Veronica’s dad’s schemes. Ethel’s dad will be testifying against Hiram Lodge in course. But Ethel remains clueless about why her parents are fighting.

This all puts Veronica in an awful position – stuck between defending her father and trying not to hurt any more families. When she learns that Ethel’s father tried to commit suicide, she officially breaks (in one hell of a scene there, Ms Camila Mendes).

She and Betty go to visit Ethel at the hospital and extend their condolences. But Veronica doesn’t remain silent and tells Ethel and her mom that it’s Veronica’s dad who’s responsible for the state that Ethel’s father is in.

Ethel’s mom immediately becomes hostile, but Ethel looks mostly confused. Veronica persists, though, and at school she again apologises to Ethel. And in the sweetest, most positive female friendship thing Ethel could do, she forgives Veronica and offers her the seat next to her. Which yes, did make me cry.

At the end of the episode, we see the ending of two relationships: Archie and Valerie (boo) and Fred and Hermione (double boo). Hermione finally had the guts to reveal to Fred that the Lodge company owns the site, which really doesn’t excite him. He tells her that everything on the building site will need to be entirely legal from that point forward and that their relationship will be “strictly professional”. But Valerie is the one with the real zinger. Even though Archie says he’s learned from his mistake, she tells him that she’s unlike him, she can’t be bought.

And as with every Riverdale episode, we are left with a bit of information that throws a wrench into things. Archie overheard Cheryl’s parents at the party, learning that they are responsible for Hiram Lodge ending up in jail. What a perfect motivation to get back at the family, eh? Perhaps killing a son?

I’m not one to post theories, because I’m almost always wrong. But I’d like to think of myself as a amateur sleuth. Like Nancy Drew. But without the great hair. Polly it looking mighty, mighty suspicious to me. And this whole “girl on the inside” thing really isn’t working for me. Have we forgotten about the black book that the football players day? Polly’s name was there. And our favourite voice-over-of-doom did tell us that was going to be key in the future… So. I think this little lady plays some part in Jason’s death, but how much will certainly come to light soon.

There’s only four episodes left, kids. And I have high hopes for some great plot reveals.

Riverdale Ep. 8 recap “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders”

It’s been two weeks since the last Riverdale episode. Can someone please explain to me why networks enjoy punishing their viewers so?

But episode eight is a gentle glide back into the swing of things. We get to see Polly’s baby shower and Fred Andrews struggle with his business. And while babies and construction sites generally have nothing in common, these two do: The Blossoms.

Polly, who is staying with the Lodges, is questioned by Sheriff Keller. She tells him that the drugs in the car was a one-time deal so Jason could get the money the couple needed to get out of town.

To cheer Polly up about her super messed up situation, Betty and Veronica decide to throw a baby shower for her. But there’s always the trickiness of whether or not anyone would actually show up.

But after being convinced by Hermione, Alice agrees to go to the shower, probably because there’s a large chance that she’ll be out shined by the Blossoms, who also show up for the party. Which, by the way my husband and I are currently re-watching Twin Peaks and my life now feels like The Mädchen Amick Show. Can she be in everything, please?

The baby shower goes as well as you’d expect anything to go in Riverdale. Cheryl brings in a pram fit for an Addams. The moms get into a fight with each other. The Blossom’s usurp Alice’s new good will with an offer to stay with them.

But at the end of the party, Polly argues with her mom, and reveals that her dad had set her up with an “appointment” with a doctor (and her dad was “willing to pay”). The news is actually shocking to Alice, who goes home and tells her husband to get out of the house if he doesn’t want to support both Polly AND the baby. That he’s just doing to Polly exactly what he did to her. He’s obviously a man with not much confidence in women.

Though despite Betty’s pleas, Polly makes the decision to stay with her would-have-been in-laws at Thorn Hill.

Fred is beginning to start construction on the old drive-in site when his foreman comes in and tells him the workers are off on a two-year job with Cliff Blossom. The head of the Blossom house seemingly bought out every construction crew in the area. When Fred confronts Cliff, he says it’s because the land being developed should belong to the Blossom family, but were outbid by the “mysterious buyer” (the Lodges).

Archie, being the swell kid he is, brings his a few of his friends to help his dad on the site until a proper crew can be found. But after they finish their day’s work, Moose is beat up by a pair of thugs who were tampering with the site’s equipment. Sheriff Keller refuses to help considering Moose isn’t able to identify his attackers, and they can’t pin the attack on anyone.

But Archie decides to take things into his own hands. He’s convinced that the Soutside Snakes were hired by Cliff Blossom to stop the construction. He gathers of his friends to go to the Snake’s favourite bar. But Jughead refuses to tag along with them. Archie, of course, gets himself into trouble at the bar by starting a fight with a guy named Mustang, but is saved by FP.

FP’s secret of being the leader of the Snakes is revealed to the Andrews, who have already decided not to trust him. Archie is angry that Jughead never told him about his dad being a gang leader, but the two eventually forgive each other as they both consider each other a brother (aw).

Jughead and Betty go to confront FP about the Snakes’ history of drug dealing, and their possible connection to Jason’s death. But FP denies anything beyond supplying the drugs to Jason to help him out. But after the young ones leave, FP is seen putting Jason’s letterman’s jacket into a duffel bag, instructing Kevin’s new boyfriend to store it someplace safe.

Though FP’s character continues to be contradictory as ever. The next day, despite being insulted by the Andrews family the night before, FP and the Southside Snakes are waiting for Fred on his construction site, willing to be the new crew. But that’s not the most surprising thing he has to share. He pulls Hermione to the side with information on the pair who attacked Moose.

He tells her that while the men weren’t Snakes, one of his guys knew them. It turns out that Hermione’s dear husband has learned of her blossoming romance with Fred. But while that’s not great, Hermione needs to learn one important thing: who the hell ratted her out?

Chapter Eight wasn’t a particularly gripping episode, but it certainly solved some of the on-going questions. The perpetual selfishness of many of the characters has been creating a rather delightful mess of things. The Polly subplots are getting a little bit boring now that we actually know she exists (and isn’t a figment of Betty’s imagination), but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much of her in the future…

But wouldn’t in be great to see what the hell it’s like living at creepy Thorn Hill?

Archie comics have been releasing some one-shot comics. One is a prequel to Riverdale, which I have been holding onto now for about a month now. They also published a horror comic in which Jughead is a werewolf. But (hopefully) more on those later this week.