Great Scot!


Today is the day Scotland votes on their independence referendum. Whether they decide to stay or go, the love for Scotland outside of Scotland still remains. They are fantastic people with a country that could make anyone envious. It is a place that captures the love of most who go through their borders. Edinburgh, outside of London, remains my favourite city in the entire world. It is the country that has produced some of the greatest post-punk and indie bands this side of 1978.

So here’s to Scotland. Whatever the decision, you’ll always be an envy. And these are the bands that prove it:

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  1. Aztec Camera: Roddy Frame’s lovely jangle-pop outfit has a catalogue filled with deliciously sweet pop singles (“Walk Out to Winter” and “All I need is Everything”). Originally on the infamous Postcard Records, Frame moved on to Rough Trade and WEA to release a solid set of albums. it was Frame’s guitar work that made a certain Johnny Marr jealous enough to write the guitar line to “This Charming Man”.
  2. Orange Juice:
  3. The band that gave the world Edwyn Collins and a whole slew of fantastic music. Still hailed as Scotland’s greatest export and the band that kept Postcard Records alive – if only for a while.

  4. Josef K:
  5. One of the first bands to prove that Scottish post-punk was going to be a force for the coming decades. Their only album, The Fun in Town, is a classic with some of the most influential sounds.

  6. Belle & Sebastian:
  7. Stuart Murdoch and clan have been the most consistent band of the last three decades. Eight albums, many very solid and more than a handful are greats, and they are still one of contemporary music’s most interesting bands. Twee: how Scottish music should be.

  8. Primal Scream:
  9. Blur and Oasis can get all crowns they want – Bobby’s Primal Scream created the best dance music of the 90’s. People in clubs still throw their hands in the air to sing “MY LIGHT SHINES OOOOON!” Anthems worth keeping around that would make any Scot proud.

  10. The Wake:
  11. A band that is often tragically over-looked. Ethereal and bright, the Glaswegians are, thankfully, reformed and still producing music. Their vast collection of singles are well worth checking out for those not yet attending the wake.

Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 4

As the self-proclaimed “Queen of the 80’s who was born in 1991,” it’s always gutting not to know a band when you hear something you feel you should know.

No clue how I lived my life without ever hearing The Waterboys. But as soon as I heard their song “The Whole of the Moon” I knew I was really hooked. The band is the brain child of Scottish musician Mike Scott. The band’s first single was “A Girl Named Johnny” – a tribute to the goddess Patti Smith. That was enough to convince me that Scott was a Scotsman after my own heart. To be honest, it is probably embarrassing that I’m admitting I don’t know who he is, but you can’t know everything right?

“The Whole of the Moon” is a spectacularly layered piece: piano, drums, then add the violin, cue the gritty voice, some synthy shit, A TRUMPET. God it is good. Just wait because the song just builds. It’s impossible to not feel like your life is moving during this song.

And the lyrics are absolutely perfect:

“I wandered out in the world for years while you just stayed in your room. I saw the crescent. You saw the whole of the moon. You were there in the turnstiles with the wind at your heels. You stretched for the stars, and you know how it feels to reach too high. Too far. Too soon ”


Maybe I’m not actually the queen of anything, but that’s completely fine if that means finding delicious music in the unexpected.