Sorry, love, I don’t get it

Today some of my fellow classmates and I had a rather nice moan about being stuck writing news stories. To our credit, this eventually lead to a rather thoughtful conversation about why we want to write what we do, and why others chose a different path.

Not everyone can do everything. It takes a lot to admit that sometimes. In fact, it’s probably just worth it to say “fuck all of this” and to just do what you like. I, personally, am terrible at writing and understanding politics. Lately we’ve been sitting all day in that classroom trying to crank out stories in a room that is literally so hot I sweat while I write. And yes, I’m constantly being told what I’m doing is wrong.

I’ve always fancied myself as a music journalist. Everything about music is an obsession of mine: the lyrics, the composition, the musicians, production, historical context, references to their society…

Just a few minutes ago I was showing my boyfriend my blog. And I asked him if he liked the reference of my blog name and subtitle. He didn’t. But I hope my future readers will. Although it’s discouraging to be working so hard at something I will never be good at, it’s nice to know I’m not shit at everything.

Thank God for werewolves.