Stuart Murdoch

Emily Browning “God Help the Girl”

A promo video for “God Help the Girl” has been released, and it is everything you would expect for a song that has the opening lines “there is no way I’m looking for a boyfriend”. The song takes its name from the musical film by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian that has been doing its film festival rounds this year. Emily Browning is lovely and perfectly twee (because twee is the only word for when someone sings about washing dishes in a boater hat) as she parades around Glasgow singing between cuts from the film.

The tune itself could only be written by Murdoch. The film is in fact a part of his longer on-going project with the band called God Help the Girl, and it takes several of the songs made for it.

Perhaps this is the dreamer in me, but the video certainly makes the film release even more enticing.

Stuart Murdoch’s ‘God Help the Girl’

godhelpthegirlNow this blog isn’t usually about film (okay, it’s never about films). That’s mostly because I have the taste in movies of a teaspoon. I generally like anything and everything. Other than Human Centipede. I’ll pass on viewing that a second time round. When it comes to Sundance I am completely clueless, but there is one film that definitely seems worth keeping an eye out for, especially for those who like a good dose of music with their moving pictures.

The film that awakened my movie-slumber senses is ‘God Help the Girl.’ The musical follows a young girl who falls in love with music during a Scottish summer. With a synopsis like that, the film could probably only be made by Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch. The film stars three delightful actors of whom none are Scottish (count it: 1 Aussie and two Sassnechs). It’s one of those films that before you even watch it, you sort of want to like it. Murdoch is incredibly likable and the worst thing would be to let him down.

As the reviews roll in, none of them seem too positive, but if there’s one thing to be interested in – it’s the music. Bell & Sebastian often get jabs for being twee, but I love twee so fuck them all.

* ‘God Help the Girl’ is now showing at the Sundance Film Festival. The film’s twitter hints at a DVD and theatre release soon.