Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau and RiffTrax to make movie magic

Yesterday at the Tribecca Film Festival, cult movie The Room met cult-television-heroes RiffTrax in a premier in hilarity and everything bizarre (including a group of men who clearly have never seen a football before).

Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, formerly of the utterly brilliant Mystery Science Theater 3000, will be tearing audiences apart with their upcoming live performances in May. The team has made fun of terrible (and sometimes good) cinema for years, but not much has come close to the mind-boggling bad The Room.

The film, released in 2003, has garnered some extreme fans over the past number of years making it one of the most successful cult films of the millennium. Actor/writer/director Tommy Wiseau is the much-loved creator behind the monstrosity. The Room is full of plot holes, horrific acting and questionable sex scenes, which means there is plenty of space for the RiffTrax crew to fill in with their quips.

While many directors have been upset over having their movies picked apart, Wiseau has embraced the culture that has surrounded his movie. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director had to say this about his collaboration:

“Long story short, they sent me a proposal and I approved the proposal,” Wiseau told us. “I’m pro-freedom, so I said why not, let people have fun.”

Pro-freedom? Why not!

See t he trailer for The Room here and enjoy the promotional video for the RiffTrax show below:

RiffTrax Live: The Room will be showing in cinemas across the States and Canada on May 6 and 12. There are, unfortunately, no UK dates in the work. Buy tickets for The Room and RiffTrax’s other live performances at Fathom Events.