Down beneath those dandy clothes

Today is BBC Radio 6’s “Wear your old band t-shirt to work day.” Since I’m a university student and I get Fridays off I’m spending the day in bed, but that won’t stop me. And yes, I’m donning my Roxy Music top today (even though it’s not really that old. Then again, either am I).

Band t-shirts are great. That’s why it’s crackin’ that there’s a day for everyone to show off their goods – if you know what I mean. Like football tops, it’s addicting to collect and keep, and there’s always sentimental value involved.

Plenty of people ask me “why music shirts?” A lot of kids growing up find their solace in music. We wear band t-shirts in hopes of maybe finding someone that like the same shit as us. Because let’s face it: most of us don’t grow up cool. In days where we don’t know how to define ourselves we often let clothes do the talking.

Since all of my band t-shirts have been left behind in America other than my Roxy Music one, here’s a slideshow of my most painful moments as a girl growing up in merchandise. I know this is a rather egotistical post, but hey – music is personal.

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Wearing a band t-shirt today? Tweet BBC Radio 6 your photo with #tshirtday. Have fun!