I am alive

After a very nice, long, relaxing weekend I finally feel mentally sane for the first time in three months. Welcome, Winter Break! And indeed, now that assessment week is over – this blog is in full swing again. Pesky school. Lot’s of things happened within one week: Beyonce dropped a “surprise album” (which I guess is the thing now), the Pope has been named Time’s Person of the Year, Peter O’Toole passed away and Uruguay can now legally grow weed!

This is all going somewhere.

Since the year is pretty much over, I thought I’d take a look back at some of the best and worst (and most bizarre) moments of music that happened in 2013. Feel free to share your own! Because sharing is fun:

1. Bowie drops first album in a decade
On January 8th we were all taken by surprise when the divine David Bowie’s released “Where Are We Now?” on his 66th birthday. The album “The Next Day” followed in March, but it was this single that really blew my mind. There was something about that release that made music feel magical again: there was mystery and honesty. The video brought me to tears. It set the year up to becoming one of the most promising in ages.

2. Morrissey’s Autobiography
I’m sure 90% of people with disagree with me when I say that this was a great moment. Most Smiths fans probably have a conflicted view of Mozzer, who is simultaneously brilliant and a complete wanker, but the fact that this usually elusive musician opened up enough for 457 pages is fantastic. The insight to his childhood starts to make his music make more sense, and that can be good or bad – depending upon how much you see of yourself in him.

3. The Carrie Diaries unleashes 80’s sugar
This is probably the most embarrassing one to admit, but the American television show The Carrie Diaries has the best soundtrack of any show on right now. The first few episodes are awkward as the viewer has to sit through shit cover versions of songs they don’t have enough money for the royalties to, but eventually songs like “Jetfighter” by the Three O’Clock, TV21’s “It Feels Like It’s Starting to Rain” and The Waterboys. Maybe you don’t have to watch it (unless you’re absolutely obsessed with anything that takes place in the 80’s, like me, then watch it if only to hear).

4. All those we lost
There were many great musicians lost to the world over the course of 2013. To say which ones were felt more would be unfair. We lost the young (The Child of Lov to surgery complications), the heartbreaking (my dear Lou Reed), the shocking (the murders of the Mexican vellanto band Kombo Kolombia), the beautiful (Patty Andrews), and the sweet (Junior Murvin). These are often what we remember years by: what we have lost.

5. Baby Queen Lorde was brought to Earth
This little 16-year-old is a beast. The New Zealander is someone I wish was around for me when I was that age. She’s bizarre and wears black lipstick. It’s cliche, but she’s really a breath of fresh air for the pop charts. While many musicians really come off contrived, Lorde still feels honest. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that she never forgets who she is. May she reign Lord of 2013.

Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 4

As the self-proclaimed “Queen of the 80’s who was born in 1991,” it’s always gutting not to know a band when you hear something you feel you should know.

No clue how I lived my life without ever hearing The Waterboys. But as soon as I heard their song “The Whole of the Moon” I knew I was really hooked. The band is the brain child of Scottish musician Mike Scott. The band’s first single was “A Girl Named Johnny” – a tribute to the goddess Patti Smith. That was enough to convince me that Scott was a Scotsman after my own heart. To be honest, it is probably embarrassing that I’m admitting I don’t know who he is, but you can’t know everything right?

“The Whole of the Moon” is a spectacularly layered piece: piano, drums, then add the violin, cue the gritty voice, some synthy shit, A TRUMPET. God it is good. Just wait because the song just builds. It’s impossible to not feel like your life is moving during this song.

And the lyrics are absolutely perfect:

“I wandered out in the world for years while you just stayed in your room. I saw the crescent. You saw the whole of the moon. You were there in the turnstiles with the wind at your heels. You stretched for the stars, and you know how it feels to reach too high. Too far. Too soon ”


Maybe I’m not actually the queen of anything, but that’s completely fine if that means finding delicious music in the unexpected.