wuthering heights

I roam in the night

A massive case of homesickness has struck me over the past few weeks and has made it virtually impossible to write anything of any merit these days. As usual, that means music has been playing a more prominent roll in these here life in London Town. Thankfully, there’s plenty of atmospheric tunes to weep to while walking down the dark, rainy streets of South London (a momentary favourite – ‘West End Girls’).

Really it would take a lot for Wisconsin to seem attractive right now. Polar vortex? No thank you. But the lure of the dreaminess of a hot summer is so desirable right now. That’s why when I re-watched Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ for the hundredth time this morning that I realised this was the song to listen to.

Admittedly, there’s nothing worse than that awful Bronte novel, but the dreamy Kate Bush in that red dress crying out “Let me in! I’m cold!” is so unbelievably chill-inducing. It’s reminiscent of a cemetery that was a favourite walk of my friends and I. Wisconsin might be frigid right now, but I really miss the green forests of home (or I guess moors in this case). Time to get a little space out of London.