Martin Scorsese to direct Ramones biopic

It was bound to happen some time: a Ramones movie is possibly on it’s way by 2016 with director Marin Scorsese is attached. The film will be a part of a large number of projects being released for the 40th Anniversary of The Ramones.  Where did this desire come from for big directors to be in charge of music films? I mean, Clint Eastwood, did you really think making Jersey Boys was a good idea?

I love the brudders. Since I was 12 I have read every piece of literature about them that I could possibly get my hands on, and have written extensively about it. And yes, this adoration is definitely skewing my thoughts about the film. The Ramones have one of the most interesting stories of any band I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. It’s almost like a complex drama that played out in real life. A lot of it is actually really heart-breaking like Joey Ramone’s struggle with OCD or the “love-triangle” between Johnny, Joey and Linda Ramone.

If anyone has the grit to do it, it might just be Scorsese, but I’m not too hopeful. The Ramones’ estate promises authenticity, but don’t hold your breath. If there’s anything Hollywood loves to do, it’s fuck up a good story. Hopefully I am proved wrong. If any band deserves the biopic treatment, it’s the Ramones. It really needs to be done right, and if casting somehow is spot on it might just succeed.

But really, who on this planet could come anywhere near Joey Ramone?

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