London Film and Comic Con Winter

Lon Chaney, Jr. approved.

Lon Chaney, Jr. approved.

If there is ever a place of heaven on earth, it might just be at the London Film and Comic Con: a land of toys, books, gadgets, artists and film stars. This summer the LFCC was so busy that I took one look at the four-hour long queue and turned around.Thankfully with the power of the press pass, my Spanish counterpart Virginia and I were allowed full access to the winter show. What a day it was.

Considering I’ve spent more of my life spent with headphones in my ears and my nose in a book, I was lost to most of the film and television aspects. Doctor who? That being said, none of that dampened the sheer awe of the Earls Court 2 spurred. A massive building was wall to wall in memorabilia and fans. It was a geek’s paradise – superhero cape or not.

One of the main pulls were the conversation-style panels. Due to the District line on the tube we arrived too late to catch most of Chris Barrie’s Q&A. But there were plenty of others to stop by and see like Scottish hobbit Billy Boy and the the eternally-youthful Ralph Macchio (who has so much charm it seemed effortless to win over the already adoring fans).

Alan Ruck was the man who sent me star struck. Despite hovering around his table for ten minutes, I couldn’t get the courage to speak to the man. There is something about actors make me dumb. Thankfully we had the chance to watch his panel. Ruck came off incredibly genuine. That is probably said about every celebrity, but this is the honest truth. Or perhaps I will always be team Midwest.


When asked questions about his favourite moments filming movies like Ferris Bueller or what he liked and disliked most about Star Trek – he gave answers that felt true. They weren’t always glamorous or expected answers but if many people were in his shoes – that would probably be the answers most of us would give. A particularly charming response was to the favourite bit of Bueller. What was it? Watching a young boy catch a giant fish.

On our journey home a group a people were slagging off a friend who “when to that geeky comic thing.” I could only roll my eyes. If there is one thing to take away from something like LFCCW, it is that the people who go are some of the most dedicated humans you’ll ever meet. Whether they don a meticulously recreated Alien costume or have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film they made about their life-long obsessions, these people are some of the best company to keep.

It’s like a one-stop-shop to find people with the same interests. I had to exercise a little restraint when a young child in line next to me was also purchasing the Wolfman Pop Vinyl.

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This coming weekend is the MCM London Comic Con, and it certainly has a lot to live up to.


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