Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 11

thee-headcoatees-davey-crockettI believe a lot of discovering great new music to listen to is up to happy mistakes. Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends that could ever recommend a good band. Hell. most people wouldn’t even place enough belief into the opinion of a music publication, I know I don’t.  So for many enthusiasts, finding something to listen to involves the investment of hours in an endless search for something to listen to.

Some days it feels like I’m not bothered to listen to anything either. This makes it very difficult to run a music blog. While music never becomes bad it can become boring to listen to. Inspiration can some times run dry, until that happy mistake.

This ‘mistake’ is partially due to my mind’s ability to have any song stuck in my head. For nearly a week and a half it was 1955’s “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” from the Disney television show. The Wellington’s folk-like tune has strangely derogatory lyrics yet remains incredibly catchy. Not much feels more liberating than shouting “KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER” at the top of your lungs. How the song ever came to be something known by any child of my generation is beyond me.

My poor, British boyfriend is rather clueless about the American folk hero, so I felt the need to share the greatness of the Tennessee man. Although, on Spotify I had carelessly begun to play the wrong song. Instead of the , out came a barrage of guitars and a howling voice brash enough to wake the dogs. It was something entirely wrong and different, but what a great mistake.

What was playing instead was “Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)” by English band Thee Headcoatees. And over the course of one night, “The Ballad” was replaced by a song much catchier as my favourite song about a Crockett. The lyrics are catchy and juvenile as all hell. The type of song you know like the back of your hand in only a few listens. The familiarity may stem from the iconic Ramones chant “gabba gabba hey”, which makes it all the better.

The song was written by artist, poet, and Thee Headcoats’ frontman Billy Childish, who is a fantastic man worth a look in his own right. But he must be saved for another day. For now, have “Davey Crockett” become your new boyfriend.

Yes I know there is a difference between “Davy” and “Davey” but the magic happened all the same. Also, if anyone knows any good readings about these ladies, let me know. They are too cool and I need to know more.


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