Let’s try and forget it

Today definitely had its down. Nothing like a morning where there’s massive signal failures on the tube line, you rip your jacket and you wake up to finding out that your government has made fools of themselves again.

Everyone has their go-to song when they’re feeling down. Those few songs that you can allow sink into your skin and let all that “heavy shit” to just drift away. I listened to Petula Clark’s “Downtown” on the tube home today and could finally sigh a sigh of relief.

I could talk about the government shutdown, but there’s isn’t much else to say that hasn’t already been covered in the media. But I can say that there’s one thing that gives me hope, and that’s hearing the American people being outraged at their government. I think slowly people are beginning to wake up and be angry.

I like that.

In order for America to continue being a great country, it needs to be filled with good people. And I really feel for anyone who is out of a job until the gov’ get their shit together.

Listen to Petula. I really hope she helps.


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