Parquet Courts live at Village Underground 28/10

If you love great Sonic Youth cover bands – Parquet  Courts are the best! I hate being one of “those” people, but really once it’s stuck in your head you won’t be able to escape it either: this band has all of the fun of Daydream Nation with a young Thurston Moore look-alike with no Kim Gordon.

God I can’t believe I’m saying this.

Parquet Courts are quite good, but something feels amateurish. I don’t know what it is. Maybe because I’ve  just seen Jake Bugg (who is only three-years-old) and his odd sort of maturity, something felt kind of…off about the performance last night. It could be the problem is that they’re Americans who think “AW FUCK YEAH” and keep repeating themselves like they’re a fucking skipping compact disk.

They have all the indulgence of Television, the strangeness of Pavement, and the viciousness of, well, Sonic Youth.

But all I can do is sit here and compare them to other bands.

I don’t know what wrong with me. Sometimes it’s difficult to sit there and appropriately understand how you feel about a band. I think Parquet Court are quite good live. Good energy and all that shit. They even have some great songs to listen to sometimes, but I wouldn’t bother. In about three years I won’t give a fuck what a Parquet Court is and we can all move along.

Now I feel like an asshole and I’m going to go sit in my sad cave of journalism gloom.

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