Ash vs Evil Dead Ep. 5 “The Host”


“Shoot first. Think never.”

Half-way through the season, and I finally can sum up this show in two words: shotgun bong. Only in the realm of Ash vs Evil Dead can this be perfectly right. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Last week, Ash was tripping on some fancy potion juice. He attacked Demon Kelly as she choked him in his stupor. Being the clever demon that it is, Kelly points the finger at Ash, who wakes up to find himself tied up in the Brujo’s garage.

The Brujo sets to work to exorcise the demon from Ash while Pablo and Kelly head back to the trailer. Pablo is too busy grumbling to notice how weird Kelly is acting. “I feel like I’m the sous chef of his exorcism kitchen,” he mutters. It’s here that Pablo eventually sees Kelly with the incredible shotgun bong. Demon Kelly tries coming on to the boy, but thankfully he’s too naive to fall for much of anything.

But this demon doesn’t take rejection lightly, and thus Pablo finally gets to see the dark side of Kelly. Thankfully she’s a pretty easy demon to wrangle and she’s tied up in no time in the Brujo’s garage in Ashs’s place. The exorcism scene here is pretty incredible. It’s super gross (of course) and includes plenty of laughs (as always). Dana DeLorenzo does a great job at being really difficult to look at, the special effects are also pretty good (minus some really questionable CGI vomit).

There are several reasons this exorcism is good:

  1. Regular Kelly is back. FINALLY. Her sarcastic humour and negativity is always appreciated.
  2. Ash finally is starting to get some of his mojo back.
  3. Pablo is ready to kick some Evil ass.

The characters are both going on a literal and figurative journey here. In five episodes, that’s quite a bit of character development. The writers have packed a lot in to keep the main three moving and interesting. While Demon Kelly wasn’t my favourite part of the show, it did open up a way for the characters to, as my dad would say, grow some hair on their chests.

By the time Ted Nugent begins playing, there’s a pretty good feeling that the group is ready to move forward feeling just a little bit more determined and prepared. I’m really quite looking forward to what’s next for the Ghost Beaters. This sub-plot of possession was okay, but I’m dead ready for some old-fashioned Deadites.

So what about Amanda and Ruby? Yes, they’re still in this. They had a pretty brief amount of face time this week. This plot-line is surprisingly super, super dull. I really hope that there’s some sort of pay-off in the end for dealing with these spots of boredom. Lucy Lawless single-handedly carries every scene she is in with Jill Marie Jones. And I really want to like her, but so far Jones’s acting has been pretty ‘meh’ as of late. Hopefully things pick up for these two because their story could be so great.

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