The first Ash vs Evil Dead teaser is here!

Starz have finally released a teaser for the upcoming second season of Ash vs Evil Dead.

The upcoming season will be airing on Starz in October. The TV show’s Facebook page has been dropping several big hints for the upcoming season. Viewers will get to see Ash and his crew finally head to Jacksonville. The trailer promises several great things: including Ash riding a mechanical bull and fighting off what looks like demon intestines. Excellent.

Along with the ghost beaters is a new face. Who the actress is and what she’s doing with everyone’s favourite Deadite-killing team is still unknown (pleeease don’t let it be a Lucy Lawless replacement – we need more Lawless in this world!). The synopsis of the first episode currently reads, “Ash and Pablo go on a adventure to find the book.” It’s not much to go on, especially with al insanity that went on in the last couple episodes. But until we get more information, just watch this glorious teaser over and over again.

Also – nice touch using “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” too. Hail to the king, baby.


Turns out that is Lucy Lawless in the trailer. But to be completely honest, I still can’t recognise her as a blonde. I’ll just hang up my hat now.

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