Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2 “The Morgue”

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

This week’s theme is powerful vaginas. Oh, and shit.

“Home” took Ash vs Evil Dead to places it’s never been before. So much disgusting. So much. But before we get down to the gritty bits…

Ash and the crew plus Ruby head back to Ash’s childhood home. Ignoring the rants from Brock (just for the record, Lee Majors is totally killing this role), the foursome head upstairs to Ash’s old bedroom, but not before he sees Cheryl’s bedroom door and is brought back to the night in the Tennessee cabin.

After shaking off the traumatic memories – the one moment that we are reminded Ash is human – the Ghost Beaters head into Ash’s room, which is still firmly planted in the day Ash last left it over three decades ago. Ruby and Pablo get into an argument over the parentage of “the children”, which was rather amusing. Pablo, according to Ruby, only acted as a vessel to produce the new demons. Like a vagina, says Kelly.

Ruby tells the group that the children are stronger and smarter than anything they were up against before, but they need the Necronomicon. To get the book away from their clutches, Ruby hid it from them. And the Necronomicon? Just happens to be in a corpse, of course. Because the dead flesh helped to mask the smell of the book (which is good to know if you ever need to hide a book of demons).

The group splits off into pairs, Ash and Kelly to the morgue while Pablo and Ruby continue their conversation over what happened to Pablo that night back in the cabin. The boy tries to get answers from the Demon Mama, but she seems to know less than he does. Though he seems to think that he’s having premonitions, as shown by the strange visions he’s having.

At the morgue, Ash gets off to chat with the pathologist while Kelly keeps guard at the door. Through those doors is possibly one of the nastiest scenes to be filmed for television (at least to my sweet eyes). The CliffNotes version goes as such: a large intestine demon straight out of Tremors, chainsaw to corpse fun, wearing a corpse as a hat, and lots and lots of shit. It’s a familiar style of slapstick that’s always on the show (and a Raimi constant), but you know, a little more Troma a la Citizen Toxie vibe to it.

But after fending off the innards demon, Ash notices the label of a body for someone he knew – namely the same woman he saw heading into his house for a date with his father.

While Ash continues his apparently quiet battle, Kelly comes face to face with the sheriff, who’s after Ash to take him down. But luckily Kelly is a straight-up badass who takes him down all by herself. Ash heads out of the morgue with the Necro and sees the sheriff passed out on the floor. The two shrug it off and head out to the Delta to save Brock of getting torn in half by his deadite date.

Pablo and Ruby are still arguing about Pablo’s new powers when Lillian (the deadite date) storms the room in her full deadite glory. Ruby knocks her off easily enough just as Ash and Kelly re-appear. Finally, Pablo reveals his premonition: that Ruby will slit his throat with a long, black fingernail. Gross, but Ruby instantly understands what his vision means: her little kiddos are trying to raise their father.

And if that wasn’t bad enough for the Ghost Beaters, Ruby thinks that Ash was unsuccessful in retrieving the Necronomicon. Ash boasts about saving it, but tells her he has it in a safe place, locked up and away from any deadites in the house. And where else is it but the Delta. Ash’s triumphant smirk is immediately erased as he hears the tires of his car getting jacked by the two asshole teenagers he and Kelly harassed in the streets.

I’m starting to think everyone in this group is really shit at hiding things.

Needless to say, “Home” was an excellent episode and a return to form. It had all the right elements: it furthered the plot, developed a few characters, built on the mythos and totally grossed the shit out of me (though considering the episode, I just want to say I don’t mean that literally).

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