Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 3 “Last Call”


This week’s episode “Last Call” brought many things to Ash vs Evil Dead: ketamine, a Raimi and quite a few surprises. Thankfully it was all colon-monster free.

Ash is still reeling (sort of ) of the loss of his beloved Delta, which was hijacked by a group of revenge-seeking teenagers. Ruby is understandably upset as the Necronomicon was “safely” locked away inside the car. Ash’s bright plan is to hold a party to lure the teenagers in. But, it’s not a job he can do alone.

Everyone’s favourite shemp Ted Raimi (younger brother to the Sam) arrives as Chet, one of Ash’s old friends from school, and is who Ash will be recruiting to help throw the party at the local bar. Chet and Ash take a walk down memory lane with their own invention called “pink fuck” – a cocktail that includes, among other things, ketamine and nutmeg.

Shame, though, that the teens who stole the Delta will never get a chance to taste the literally knock-out drink. In a completely brutal Christine style-way, the Delta has been possessed by the Necronomicon. The five teenagers hiding out in the classic seem to be genuinely enjoying their time in the stolen vehicle, but are kicked out by a couple who plan to use the backseat in a way that would make Ash proud. But the girl, Amber, spots the Necro and begins to read from it.

Question is, how do all these teenagers from Michigan have the ability to read ancient texts?

Anyway, it’s not too shocking when Amber becomes a possessed deadite and bites her boyfriend’s dick off. His friends find him as he’s running around with bloody trousers. The sheriff and Linda’s daughter Lacey is locked in the car when the Delta comes to life. Unfortunately for her, the ride is anything but fun as it chases down all her friends in a most brutal fashion. And that, kids, is why we don’t steal cars.

But Amber has got away, and where else would a deadite go but to wherever Ash is? The young girl arrives and coyly hits on Ash. But Ash also has to combat the arrival of his father Brock arrives to cause dissonance with Ash. The two get into it and decide to face-off and settle their battles with a mechanical bull-off (or whatever it’s called, I don’t have a damn clue). Brock’s victory earns him Amber and he even gets to blame Ash for the death of Cheryl.

Meanwhile, Pablo is spending his night being king of the pep-talks. But as lovely as Pablo is, he really ought to be more careful. His attempt to tell Kelly that she “needs nothing to define her worth” sends her marching off with a bottle of whiskey. While sitting on the sidewalk, Ruby approaches her and the two decide to team-up. That is, after Ruby deceives Kelly telling her that Ruby had been seeking for help. The two ladies leave the party together. I want to believe that there will be some excellent ass-kicking coming from these two ladies coming up, but I some really doubt it.

Pablo does have one victory for the night when he pushes Ash to reconcile with his father. Pablo becomes especially pushy when he sees that Amber is a deadite. Ash, to his credit, takes Pablo’s advice and gets down to take down the deadite.

After witnessing Ash save his life, Brock accepts Ash’s story about the kids being murdered in the cabin. The two have their moment together, but eh, the episode ends with a scene both shocking, a tiny bit disappointing, and dashed with a bit of intrigue. It’s not the most original endings, but it still does the job.

With “Last Call,” things are starting to feel a bit cramped. It’s been a revolving door of new characters every week and I’m never really sure if I’m supposed to care about any of them. But I remain hopeful as this really showed the promise of something great to come along (hopefully). As a side note, the look of this season is really great. The super-saturated neon lights are really a sight to behold, and Ash vs Evil Dead has really found its stride in style.

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