Mystery Science Theater creators to return to television

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Fantastic and beautiful news was released yesterday that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew will be returning to television! I’ve been a life-long fan (it was always on the tele when I was a kid), so this is literally the best thing I have heard all month.

The new show titled Total Riff Off will be aired on National Geographic, where the original three creators will be making fun of some of the channel’s classic clips.

MST3K, now working as RiffTrax, has continued to produce several audio tracks over different movies. The original show focused on terrible b-movies, but since the show ended in 1999, they have expanded into popular movies as well such as Titanic. They also tour, and have appeared in my University city of Milwaukee several times. Always when I was busy, though. ALWAYS. But hopefully the new show will create new buzz for my favourite ‘riffers.’

The first episode of Total Riff Off will air on April 1st. Let’s hope that the UK will be blessed with some brilliance soon after. Also, special love to creator Joel Hodgson: Wisconsin forever.

If you have never seen MST3k before, you’re welcome:

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